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Samsung Notes VS S Note on Note 8 – What Should You Use?

2 great Notes taking apps, so little time. Learn which app is going to work best for you in today’s app tutorial. I cover all the ins and outs of what these apps can do and where you can download S Note.

00:22 Note History Lesson
00:53 Samsung Notes Tutorial
01:58 Import Your Note Data
03:23 Handwriting Toolbar Plus
04:06 Taking a Note
07:32 S Note Tutorial
08:32 Import Notes from older Note phones
10:50 Editing Notes
12:35 Record Sketch:
12:20 S Note Extension Pack
15:18 Note Search…

31 Comments on Samsung Notes VS S Note on Note 8 – What Should You Use?

  1. Each app has unique benefits. Which one do you like most?
    00:22 Note History Lesson
    00:53 Samsung Notes Tutorial
    01:58 Import Your Note Data
    03:23 Handwriting Toolbar Plus
    04:06 Taking a Note
    07:32 S Note Tutorial
    08:32 Import Notes from older Note phones
    10:50 Editing Notes
    12:35 Record Sketch:
    12:20 S Note Extension Pack
    15:18 Note Search OCR
    15:55 Photoshop in S Note like a Pro!
    20:17 Widgets
    21:22 Final Conclusion

  2. I don't understand why Samsung is getting rid of the main features that makes the note, a NOTE!! I'm literally holding on to my note 5 until it dies. I REFUSE to be without s-note & action memo.

  3. Please get back the Snote.. had been using it since the first snote release ..

  4. I can find it please send me a link of s note

  5. Nice video learned a lot!! One question how do you sync with your PC ? Wich one is better ? Want to have my notes there

  6. Hey, I can't find neither Photo Note nor the other options of the extension pack on S Note. What's wrong ?

  7. Did you record the phone with the camera on the left

  8. Excellent, thorough, organised and delivered in Crystal Clear.Thanks!

  9. 20 minutes of tutorial. Headline is what should you use. Not what can you do with apps. I can do that without losing 20 minutes, by just downloading both apps and try them

  10. Is there a way to use OCR convert text from image to text?

  11. I really miss s note from my old note 8.0 tablet, it was way better

  12. S Note is by far the more superior note taking app. Action Memo, Evernote functionality, more note templates, ect. I'd rather they just combine the two.

  13. Not sure why but when i click pin to desktop it says it did but the note is not there on the desktop also have the same problem with s note. I have a s7 active

  14. Awesome video Brett. I have the Note 8 and it says I have the latest version installed but I don't have the voice or image options at the top. Any ideas why?

  15. How can I download Smart Notes to my Win10 PC – any advice?

  16. I just got my note 9 and I am so frustrated that S Note isn't downloadable for it. I really like better than Samsung Note. Is there any way to download it for the Note 9?

  17. Great Video — you may want to revisit the topic with all the various changes … thanks for getting me started — good job

  18. I just found out my new note 9 can't support s note, this is just the end!!!! Im wondering why I even bothered to pay all that extra money for a note to be stuck with an inferior ripped down version of s note, I am so never buying another £1000.00 samsung!!!!

  19. My Samsung notes instead of having the import imagine or the little microphone, it has a clip that says attach and in there it has the option for recording a message. Anyone knows how to put it in the tool bar?

  20. Love the S Note because I am an Evernote user also.

  21. BRING BACK official support for S NOTE! Try the two apps yourself. COMBINE THEM if you want! Or let us SET S Note to be default app for screen off memo! Samsung your $1000 flagship note 9 bears the name NOTE. It has to get NOTES taking RIGHT!!!! DO NOT BUY note phones until the fix this!

  22. Tech With Brett I have a question that I thought would be most appropriate to be mentioned here. I really hope you get it. As you know I’m a big fan of the original S Note app with Action Memo, Photo Note, Easy Chart, Idea Sketch, Scrapbook, etc. However, I’m also trying to incorporate Samsung Notes when I can because I’m afraid Samsung is going to be really stupid and unfortunately phase out S Note completely (since Oreo I can’t get Easy Chart installed, luckily I still got everything else but I’m afraid that more and more things will disappear)

    Well today I was messing around with Samsung Notes settings and saw the category titled Action Icons. While I was familiar with 3 of the items in here that are similar to some of things you could do with Link to Action, there was a fourth one that I never saw and I’ve been searching on the web to see if anyone has used it because I can’t get it to work. It says Solve Equations. So I’ve tried numerous ones from something really simple to more of an algebraic equation and unfortunately I can’t get it to work nor have I found it online anywhere. I was really hoping you knew how to get it to work or is it not enabled, maybe it’s for the Note 9 or something else that I’m not aware of. I would greatly appreciate your help with this. Thanks in advance!

  23. In either application can individual notes be listed alphabetically (within a category or collection)?

  24. Thank you for rich information you delivered
    Thanks again

  25. Can you share/sync notes on this phone like you can in iOS?

  26. best description ever! I have been holding off on upgrading my note 5 because I thought S note was gone forever. I take copious field notes and have many folders. Now I can safely upgrade to the Note 8 or 9 and still have my S note!!!

  27. S Note is far superior to Samsung Note. Original Snote from 2012 was good out the gate. Not sure why they are dumbing it down with Samsung Notes. S Note was probably the best Note taking App built for Android. Such a shame they seem to be phasing it out.

  28. Samsung Note – Improvements needed –
    1. "List view"should be added giving only the title of the note.
    2. Pages view was much better and easy to organise. As in S-note.
    3. Ability to add multiple voice notes in one note is missing.
    4. Text to speech feature is missing.
    5. Text search in photos is missing.
    6. Checklist – items checked should move automatically to the top of the list or to the bottom of the list.
    7. Extract text from photos is missing.
    8. Evernote sync – for back-up would be a great feature.
    9. Organisation / layout : notebook – folder – notes

  29. Can I access my Samsung notes from PC?

  30. Can you export s notes to iPhone or iOS devices?
    Is there any way? Please help. I have so many s notes synced to my SAMSUNG account when I was using SAMSUNG galaxy note 4. Now I am using iPhone and I wanna those notes (s notes) in my phone.
    Please help.

  31. Hi Brett!
    I really enjoyed your video, thank you for it. I have an issue that I have a problem when I send a pdf file from samsung notes to dropbox or google drive.
    Can you show or explain how can I send a pdf file from samsung notes to dropbox. Or do I have to send a file from samsung cloud? Please let me know.
    Thanks again!

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