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Secret Trick : Math Division Long

Visit for more Find hard to divide numbers. In 3 mins master long division with 9 . Easy multiplication division trick … divide fraction


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  1. +Tam Simmons try to recompute it. I tried to do it and I got the same result as the calculator. 238/9.. u probably missed the last digit and the subtraction part. 238/9–> we have 2 for the first digit. second digit: (2+3)=5 for the remainder/last digit: (5+8)=13 and (13-9)=4. Dont forget to add 1 to 5(which is the second digit of your final answer.
    So, as the calculator says… you should have 26 r4. :)

  2. how about 4267/7???

  3. how about 896,741 / 9?

  4. I know you fuc** with me!!!! OMG thank you!!!

  5. Sir, I tried using this method (which is AWESOME by the way) with 238/9. It comes out to 26r3 but when done by calculator the answer is 26r4. Why is that? am I missing something?

  6. how about 5 divide 10000

  7. How about 12 or 13

  8. Guys it works with all numbers!

    1st: see how close the number is to ten (for example in 2104/8, 8 is 2 less than 10)
    2nd: carry the first number down (2)
    3rd: multiply by the answer to step 1 and add the next # (2 times 2 is 4, plus 1 is 5)
    4th: continue in this sequence (5 times 2 is 10 plus 0 is zero [remember to add the one above the five])
    5th: find the remainder (multiply 10 by 2 and add 4)
    6th: put the remainder off to the side and see how many times 8 can go into it (in this case 24/8 is 3)
    7th: add the 3 above the 0
    8th: add to get the final answer of 263

    *Note if this does not work for you then you are to stupid to figure it out. Please do not post stupid comments because they will just highlight your own stupidity.

  9. divide by 8 tricks???

  10. I can't understand the last number addition..How to do?

  11. how to find solution for last one in video i.e, 2104/8

  12. 9 is a very lucky number

  13. but how we can multiply 321662 /9 by this method


  15. Amazing trick to divide nos by 9 in 6 seconds

  16. That really helped me thank u Indian man ???

  17. this method is not a successful method with any numbers.

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