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Set up a RAMDisk and Make Your Computer 415% Faster!!

This is a how to video on setting up a RAM Disk and instantly boosting up speed on your computer.

Download Link:

Both the Personal Use and the Professional Version are on that link. The personal use copy limits you to 4GB.

44 Comments on Set up a RAMDisk and Make Your Computer 415% Faster!!

  1. hey guy! my motherboard RAM slots just got fried after following your advice, I went from an already fast computer to thinking I was going to achieve (super fast) to now my system is seized now so basically you just cost me my whole system so you and I need to talk asap because we need to go over how your going to go about replacing my computer and I need to go over my entire list of custom components that you'll need to know before you can process the order for my new system. ordinarily I'd be ready to drop everything I'm doing and take flight on you for this but because you are going to pay to replace the system that you are now responsible for destroying I have decided to be patient but my patients usually wears thin really fast so take your time and thank you in advance but get back to me immediately because I am now waiting without use of any computer thanks to you and your advice here, come on guy wtf for real

  2. so this trick will work only for them who has got more ram in there computer. I search for how to increase ram not to loose.

  3. I have 128 GB ram in 2019.

    o _oa

  4. %0 to%100 is the real %%% not 415 ????

  5. A crap product.

  6. I can't believe this kid is so amazed by a ram's like…welcome to Windows 98.

  7. I suggest using ERAM. Its a RAM Drive that works on Windows XP/NT/2000/7/10 (32 and 64-bit) and has a maximum limit of 4 GB on Windows 7/10 (until I fix the BSODs caused by using a disk that is larger than that after removing the limit). Its driver and source code can be found by going to

  8. 5 years changes a lot. "16GB DDR3, that's the most you can have."

    Now it's average to have 16GB DDR4.

    That's not even mentioning that M.2 storage is faster than ddr3 ram… And that it's the only storage device in my pc… And it's a terabyte.

  9. Lol, why are you importing audio from hard drive and not from ramdisk? and sound effects wouldn't be processed faster cause it's already in ram don't matter if you loaded it from hdd or ramdisk.

  10. I need to know how to do this in autoexec.bat for a win98se machine…. any ideas?

  11. I have 96Gb Ram

  12. Tried installing Camtasia into a RAM disk and it didn't help at all.

  13. Wait so basically it uses ram to create a storage device and it basically makes the program faster…am okay ????

  14. will it work on my windows 7 ? brother 🙂

  15. using a ramdisk for these purposes is very stupid. when an application is started it runs in memory anyhow. so once chrome is running, it will be just as fast on harddisk, plus you wont be wasting valueble ram space. installing programs on it is never benificial. also, when an application is starting from a ramdisk, it uses read and write operations at the same time, taking up twice as much bandwith slowing your programs down that were actually meant to run in memory. programs are designed they way they are. if things were faster in memory, these programs would have natively used ram. with a ramdisk you are wasting time and hardware resources.

    you will only be able to use ramdisk benificial when you know what you are doing. if you need this video to figure anything out, your too dumb to use it right, and your better of doing something nice, such as watching a nice movie or going out. you have understand program design. you need the sense of a pre-hacker to get anything out of it. if your an end user, dont use it.

  16. does anyone know does this still work with DDR4 RAM cause i have 128GB running @ 3600Mhz and only eve use 10 max was hoping It can boost my VGPU's

  17. Watching this in the future

  18. use hard disk as ram??????????????????????????????????????????????

  19. Really nice video, thanks, but explain me that, can we directly copy our program files from local disk c in our ramdisk rather than installation again

  20. you are talking to much bro… please go to point…

  21. Shit mic checks in with the shit tips of the video

  22. so i can generate gb end gb of free space theta i can abuse cool first job need to test it on my AMD graphics card it says it needs 512 mb i do Wonder if i can jump the shark end generate at 1 tb only detected to my card cool virtual box end this generator a two of the best thinks

  23. hey. i got 4gb ram and 3.5 gb used on desktop. u got 16gb. TRIGGERED

  24. It is true that loading stuff from a RAM disk is faster than loading the same stuff from a hard disk.
    But maybe you're example wasn't the best since Audacity loads very fast anyway so the benefit of installing it on a RAM disk isn't that great.
    Also video editing won't be that much faster unless you have all your video files on the RAM disk
    (But maybe the application will start up much faster so that might be a good thing)

  25. do it using 2GB RAM ok? your video is unreliable.

  26. i have usain bolt as my processor. i have 100 ghz

  27. Get to the point faster

  28. Ahh yes,i just fried my RAM with RamDisk

    i'm writing this comment with my shitty backup laptop

  29. ram naht fastest hardware on your all american pc, it is naaaahht…..oh hi mark

  30. damn they get 2gb i started with 8gb and its so slow

  31. do you need a pendrive or usb?

  32. wow this is better then readyboost

  33. I have 8gb ram and PUBG is basically unplayable, can i still use this method to help me in 2017?

  34. if you are gonna import from a drive, the speed of the drive also matters. So why not use m.2 in 2k17?

  35. stop uploading these types of fucking videos, bloody fake video

  36. Ok Noob right here, If i get this RAMDisk, will I be sacrificing my RAM gb to make a new RAMDisk or could I use my Hard drive Memory?

  37. Should I buy 128GB of RAM to install GTA V on?

  38. Oh my god, plug in your charger. It's stressing me out hardcore lol. But for real this was an awesome video!

  39. "Make your ears bleed 415% faster!!"

  40. This program killed my computer bluescreen crash while playing fa4, die MSI ramdisk DIE!

  41. YES!!

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