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Set up File History Backup in Windows 8

Set up File History Backup in Windows 8

In this video I will show you step by step on how to set up File History in Windows 8. This will let you backup your data periodically to a, nas drive, external drive, USB flash Drive or set up a network shared folder. By doing this it will take snapshots of your computer and backup data to prevent data loss.

File History saves snapshots of all files in your Libraries, My Documents, My Pictures, Music, Video, Contacts, Favorites, SkyDrive, and the…

30 Comments on Set up File History Backup in Windows 8

  1. so when it says "keep saved versions", does that only delete secondary copies of the backup?
    eg: I set "keep saved versions" to 1 Month, backup my computer ONCE, 1 month later will that data be gone? or does it only delete backups other than the most recent one?
    Very hard trying to find a definition of "keep saved versions".

  2. How Much storage space for USB it sound like you said 4 GB

  3. How long does this usually take…I know it depends on the amount of data you've got but mine has been doing it for about 3 hours, (I've got about 350GB) I don't know if it froze or what? :O should I let it keep going???

  4. How do I know when the backing up process is done? I think it may be but I'm not sure. Also, the file history's size is about 30GB lower than the amount of GB used on my hard drive. Is that normal?

  5. +Jake0346. I blieve you can use software from your hardrive manufacturer. For example seagate hard drives have a software called "Disk wizard" that allows to create image backups. Or search google for Image backup software.

  6. +Flemming Jaeger you can but its pointless. The whole point of a backup it to have the same info on a different location. So if you C: drive crashes where is your backup? in your C: drive!

  7. can i back up Local Disk (C:)

  8. After losing hard drives through failures I no longer store anything locally on my machines (each computer I own has a minimum of 2 hard drives). Mission crit data is on a network server that I backup to another server. I will add a second backup which will be a large cap. thumb drive. When you lose data it is heartbreaking. Learn by just doing, and back your data up.

  9. i had 4 drives partition but after formeting i have lost all my files do u know any softwere or procedures to recover all data file, movies,mp3 plz inform ASAP

  10. This method will not back up programs only data.

  11. Yeah it will be a life saver for sure.

  12. Interesting. Good info.

  13. thanks again Brian, are there any windows system folders that I really wont need to back up like appdata or something – just to keep file size down? thanks

  14. See what I can do.

  15. Atlanta Georgia is a real nice place, hope to be going the the states next year.

  16. Thanks for the kind words.

  17. AUPEO! Personal Radio by the looks of it, you can also upload the .exe file to virus-total to check it.

  18. Do you have a favorite combination of antiviruses, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-adware, etc? You should make a video of it.

  19. thank you !!! xoxo Shine from Atlanta Georgia

  20. dude you are so awesome! i love your videos!

  21. Nice video like always,but i need to ask you something.I found a program on my computer called aupeo and want to know if it is a virus or not.Thanks Brian

  22. Your welcome Daz.

  23. Thanks Aharon, glad you like the video.

  24. R-Studio is a great tool, I also like getdataback and zar

  25. Great video Bri,And that is an ace feature cheers for sharing

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