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Setting Up Roaming Profiles in Windows Server 2012

Level: Intermediate
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Date Created: April 22, 2013
Length of Class: 17:47
Research Assistance:
Windows Server 2012
Comfortable working in the Windows Server 2012 Environment
Be able to create User Accounts
Be able to Share Folders on Windows Server 2012
Purpose of Class
This class introduces students to Roaming Profiles in a Windows Server Environment.
Class Notes
Roaming Profiles allow users to be able to log into different…

19 Comments on Setting Up Roaming Profiles in Windows Server 2012

  1. Hello Eli,
    Thanks for the video. Is it possible to set up a mechanism to clear that roaming user's cash when he logs out? Thanks for answer.

  2. Great explanation!!!

  3. great stuff…great video

    Question – if a person has a dual monitor and then logs into a station with one monitor, what happens to the items in the profile? Do all the icons cram onto one screen?? If so, what happens when I log back onto the station with two monitors? Do the icons stay on one screen or two?

  4. Hello Eli,

    Is it possible to use a mapped drive instead of using C drive

  5. this is great .Thank you

  6. You can turn off cached copies of the profile in group policy.

  7. Hi Eli. one word… AMAZING.  Thank you for making this simple, clear and calm.

  8. @eli oh now i got that clearly i was bugging you in the middle. lol.

  9. @Eli mostly our desktop data will be stored in their own systems as far as i know.

  10. (Q) how about outlook profile saved in i mean they cant access their mails from any computers i am also confused how any body can access their own desktop data or my documents file i got this doubt in the middle of your class please clarify.

  11. Eli, thanks for sharing this Server 2012 information. It has given me enough "ammunition" to present to the higher ups to bite the bullet and get a new server entirely.
    Now for the fun part of migrating all those workgroup logins. lol
    Keep up the great work.

  12. Hi Eli, thanks for your video, I've set it up however as an Administrator I cannot open the roaming folders; I get the error saying that the device is offline, I thought they were supposed to be saved to my server?

  13. Hi,
    Another great video Thanks,
    I was wondering if roaming profile's could eat the network bandwidth, especially at 8:45am and 5:30pm with everyone logging on and off at the same time.
    Is this a possibility?
    Thanks Again

  14. +Eli the Computer Guy How to setup a client computer to use roaming profile

  15. so loving the shelf of books, 

  16. wow no HAIr. lol 

  17. Eli Good Video I their a way to deleate the cashed profile when the user logoff as it would save me the time to delete them my self

  18. hay Eli just wanted to say thanks heaps for all your videos – appreciate them

  19. Just an observation.  You are using Windows products, but isn't that a Mac monitor behind you on the desk?  Just asking!

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