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Setup GMail in Windows 8 Mail App Tutorial

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Windows 8 Tips: How to setup a GMail account in the Windows 8 Mail app tutorial. This is a step by step walkthrough on getting a GMail account setup in…

13 Comments on Setup GMail in Windows 8 Mail App Tutorial

  1. hey do a gameplay for dume ways to die

  2. I have just gone through all this,it's a bloody nightmare! :O)
    I set up a microsoft account.
    If I set up a Hotmail Account, hopefully this will work.
    However, does that mean that you can see your contacts etc? 

  3. Thank you. You're a star ;-).

  4. I don't have google account.i only need google account.

  5. I have been fixing computers when Dos was around, but this Windows 8 restore took me 5 hours and I installed Gmail using Google my head is still spinning didn't know I had to use the MAIL App to do it right thanks for the help TIM MURPHY

  6. I noticed that you have the brightness unavailable, do you know why is that? I have the same problem and I don't know if you know how to fix it?

  7. Any idea how to stop that annoying noise from happening when you get an email? I can't find a setting for it.

  8. Hi .. do you know if you can use google drive when you have gmail set up on windows 8 this way ? … I have a lot of files on the drive and cannot see how to access them ?? Thanks

  9. Dumb question: On a desktop using Windows 8, you could just open gmail in an internet browser as if you would on previous Windows, right? I mean you wouldn't have to use the Metro Mail App at all ever if you didn't want to.

  10. hi do you know how to setup gmail in windows 8.1?


  11. Thank you for this video. I was able to get my gmail set up.

    I have an issue when trying to set it up to follow my calendar and such it wont connect. But when I take the check out of the box it works fine. Any ideas?

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