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20 Comments on Setup VPN in Windows 8 by AvoidErrors

  1. how to see my username and password

  2. Im getting error 629: The connection was closed by the remote computer. Im renting a router from comcast btw

  3. when i put my default gateway in the browser. it shows error so what could be the problem?

  4. I search mine in then put it on firefox but it takes forever then says "The connection has timed out"

  5. guys by the way, If you don't know much about computers and programming. Please try and stay away from configurations. You should learn about computers and programming first, then watch this video.
    Before you try to setup a VPN, ask yourself why you want to set up a VPN.
    The top reasons to setup VPN is for torrenting, downloading or using internet in a restricted zone/country, extreme privacy reasons, and/or illegal use of internet browsing. Besides that, you don't need VPN. If you want LAN games for the computer use Hamachi or Garena. If you want to transfer files safely, use a flashdrive. Besides these reasons, you don't really need a VPN.

  6. there is no where to portforward on bell internet! can anyone help…

  7. i dont have a network authecation pass word or user name i have lan connection help me plzzzzzzz

  8. im having issues connecting to the VPN network. i did all the correct steps. but it is erroring what could be the error?

  9. Is this just PPTP encrption or what?

  10. Pls Help Me…..
    What Password And Username I have To Write….

  11. Hi Miguel, Thank you very much for the video and other videos of yours.  My home router doesn't support PPTP; I appreciate any suggestion, and if there's no suggestion I truly appreciate the knowledge of your videos.  I will dig more into this and see how it could be done as well. 
    Thank you in advance.

  12. Does the VPN make it a bit safer for me when I search the darknet? Cuz I really don't wanna give hackers a free run. They shall work before they get my shit.

  13. how can I change my IP address to another country by using VPN? there is this game I want to play but has IP Block so I need to change IP to that country.

  14. More dynamics to making this work when using a WAN connection, opposed to two computers on an internal network. Good video for local VPN access though.

  15. hi . why my pc always hang while connect with vpn?  ( my pc use windows 8.10 any help please 

  16. i had 720 error on my laptop, in windows 8, please can you share me how to fix it T_T
    this problem drivin me crazzy

  17. I don't know how to change the password you are typing at 5:12 can you help?

  18. when i click on "New incoming connection" nothing happens. No window pops up.

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