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Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 8 by Britec

Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 8 by Britec

Windows has a feature that will hide certain files and folders so that you are not able to see them while exploring the files and folders on your computer system. What are the hidden files? these files are system files, Windows hides these type of System files so that they are not be renamed or deleted.

Malware also likes to hide in these hidden folders, so thats why its a good idea to know how to show them.

40 Comments on Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 8 by Britec

  1. ajeet yadav
    very nice
    i am also create acount

    ramashish yadav

  2. wasted 20s of my life seeing ur intro, reduce ur intro time, its too long

  3. I love you bro <3 you are my hero ^^ <3

  4. Thanks that's what I need but every time I go to do that it dose not give me the option to eject it

  5. 2 words bro … thank you

  6. Thank you <3 . My big problem 😀

  7. my windows shows nothing

  8. It is very useful. Thanks. Keep it Up…

  9. Thank You So Much ! ☺

  10. What if the hidden button is already checked it still won't show iPod control! ????

  11. Hey there i have an issue where some of my folders in my desktops are now missing and i can't seem to find them anywhere on my drive. How do i get them back?

  12. Hi Bro Dont You Have A Program Data All Of You Inside the OS:… Me i dont Have can u help me how to find it.. or program data is appdata??

  13. Pressing Windows key + E is too dificult, I guess.

  14. thank ????????????????

  15. yo you are a Beast man thank you so much 🙂

  16. my Computer glitches every time i click show hidden details it just close it and doesnt show anything

  17. Awful! Annoying accent and not helpful at all

  18. Thank you very much……  🙂

  19. Nice presentation

  20. i dont have a app called file explorer

  21. works… you are welcome and thank you 🙂

  22. in file explorer just unchecks it as soon as I click show hidden files and folders.

  23. Thank you very niec

  24. thx for the help I finally found that stupid pricechop folder it's going to the garbage bin now

  25. thank you very much sir.

  26. Hi I have acer reovery managment installed but I can't see it until I go to uninstall option but when I search or look for it I can't find it how can I find it and use it thank you(win 8.1)

  27. I got my hidden folder but the videos in it was missing plzzz help me how to get of it.

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