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Shutdown Problems in Windows 8 [SOLVED]!

If your PC doesn’t shut down but restart automatically again and again when you shut down it, Then follow the steps in the video to solve the problem.

13 Comments on Shutdown Problems in Windows 8 [SOLVED]!

  1. Was looking for this becuz I've done it before to shutdown my computer

  2. What capture soft are you using?

  3. my pc is getting too much time to shut down..what should i do?

  4. that because your window is not actived.
    I suggest that you don't use window 8 Enterprise revaluation.
    if you use that, upgrade to window 8 Professional. (y)

  5. might be some power problems , due to viruses
    repair or install new OS

  6. when i turn on my pc it stays on for like 15 secs then shuts down completely pver and over again

  7. well but how to fix it if win auot shutdown at time interval

  8. How do solve the issue if you can shut down your pc but your tower is still running after it has shut down?

  9. I press shut down but my pc not close.

  10. thanks, it works for me.

  11. This is the solution if you have the problem in shutting down i.e if your PC doesn't shut down but restart automatically again and again…
    Actually Whats your problem?

  12. didn't work for me.

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