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SIMS 3 LAUNCH ERROR 5 Tips To Fix (Windows 8)

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14 Comments on SIMS 3 LAUNCH ERROR 5 Tips To Fix (Windows 8)

  1. excuse me,i just reinstall my game and i have the lastest update patch.before i update it works fine and after i update it,it was error to open it..what must i do, please help me…!!!

  2. my sims electronics folder for the sims 3 is empty… what do i do?

  3. mine did not work i click on it and nothing comes up i wait for a hour nothing comes up :'(

  4. Hey can you help me plzs Every time I open sims 3 it tells me to update but u click it and go's off the lunched plz help!!!!!!

  5. I have problems with a script error on the launcher, which I think leads to my game shutting down a few minutes after I start playing, no matter what family or world i play in, and says that Sims 3 has stopped working.

    I have checked all of the suggestion that i find , and everything is up to date. I have also tried passing the launcher.. But nothing seems to work.

  6. What fixed my launcher was entirely different. The problem was: I changed my Origin email address so my dynamicchallenge and BIN files were no longer communicating properly. You must search through downloads folder for two emails or the old email address and delete each one that is incorrect. Then you should make sure that everything in your download folder titled dynamicchallenge, BIN, or contains your accurate email address in the title – to the long number file within your download folder. This includes the FSYI View count tracking file. Once you do that, your problem should be fixed.This is what is not allowing Origin and the Launcher to communicate. There is a video showing you how to do this on my channel.

  7. I have the same screen saver!!

  8. I deleted my sims file by mistake : (

  9. When I create a shortcut it just takes me to the launcher

  10. thank you are the best

  11. It helped when I restarted thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. what if the launcher says its needs an update and it doesn't update?


  14. Do you know how to connect the launcher to the internet?

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