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Skype for Windows 8 Review

With the release of Windows 8, one of Microsoft’s most popular new applications Skype got an update. This update streamlines it for Windows 8 and the Modern theme. The app is overall very sleek and is by far a better expirence than the desktop versions on both Mac and Windows 7.


24 Comments on Skype for Windows 8 Review

  1. Honestly, I think you guys are overreacting. As someone with Skype version 8, I can tell you it's not that big of a leap. It's more of a Windows Vista to Windows 7 leap not a Windows XP to Windows 8 leap. A lot of the features from classic Skype are still there and there's some good features too like the gallery.

  2. Hello  friend how r u. i wish u people r so shine and fine.
    here is i have a problem in using skype in window 8.1 and problem is that. when i write instant message to our friend and send it on enter butten. that butten is not work. when i press the tab button the message will send but i did not see my sended message. where i see it plz consult me.

  3. It's still crap, unfortunately.  Uninstalled this app. The desktop version is far better.

  4. how to connect it with facebook

  5. Hi, I was wondering, is it possible to view your history all the way to when you first messaged someone?

  6. 2:192:20 isn't censored :/

  7. were is the sound settings. i am playing a game with friends and skype is like 100% sound and the game is 10%. the old one i can set the setting to be more like 40% 60%

  8. There are tons of setting preferences missing!  Sure I can update audio/video, but what about font and size and messaging preferences, etc.??? So I have to still download the desktop version…grrr!

  9. how do i flip my screen so the person on the other line can see my computer screen?


  11. do i have to use my microsoft account or can iuse my gmail

  12. shittiest app ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant modify anything!!very limited! no history logs!!! cant change anything. just shit.

  13. How do you delete chats?

  14. The new skype sucks, I can't share screens because my friend doesn't have a windows 8 so they don't have the app. I. hate. it.

  15. Skype for Windows 8 is all show. The application is really slow. Account handling is strictly linked to your Microsoft account (I understand the concept, but I don't want to create a whole new computer user only to use a second skype.) and worst is that SCREENSHARE IS NOT SUPPORTED. nor can you multitask during a video chat, which by far is a deal breaker. 

    Fortunately enough, You can install the desktop version by deleting the application and getting the setup straight from the skype website. 

  16. How do you face chat?

  17. I like my old one…stupid skpe logged me out because it said i was outdated … =(
    Damn you i had to installed EVERYTHING!
    Epically Window 8.1 because i had Window 8

  18. how do u delet messages

  19. where are the tools in this?

  20. how to edit the video size , while calling ?

  21. How to add people when on a group call when you are hosting the call? I'm really puzzled with that. Someone knows?

  22. How do you share screens?

  23. how did you get the video cam button?

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