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Solos World Cup Semi Finals Win

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My resolution – 1920×1080
my sens – 400 dpi x = 0.10 / y = 0.10
Mouse targeting ses = 0.803
mouse scope sens = 0.406

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42 Comments on Solos World Cup Semi Finals Win

  1. Legend has it if you get here early u get pinned

  2. I can't stand this game

  3. Iam not even playing this game but his gameplay is so statisfiying

  4. What do use to record?

  5. Idk if you were nervous because I saw the screen shaking but you’re a g.o.a.t soooo…

  6. 1v1 me for the red knight

  7. Does anyone know what this music is called?

  8. I wish I have ping like this in arena.

  9. XD you killed me in arena

  10. Do you hit C with the Thumb or with the Index finger?

  11. If This Is Blue You’re An OG of Martoz????????
    (You Can Be an OG of Mine Today ❤️????…)

  12. Please tell me your creator code bro , I have 2k vbucks to spend , I wanna use them with your code

  13. Martoz you like beitzim כאילו ביצים

  14. He got banned for 14days

  15. Wait a minute do u change ur sens every single day

  16. Idk why but i really like your vids

  17. Don’t forget Creator code : ,,Martoz”❤️????

  18. Hey my dude, I recently bought a mouse and keyboard for my ps4 hoping that I could do better at fortnite, however I'm having some issues with the key binds, i was just wondering if by any chance you could help me out in any way.

  19. I think it's not hard to qualify with 0 ping, but you should try 100ms

  20. At 2:36 who else got annoyed cause he didnt pick up the bricks

  21. Gewoon een Nl speler bij faze

  22. omg what a legends

  23. how’d you get that crosshair?

  24. Used your code, great player. Keep up the good work.

  25. 3:19 that guy must be really unfortunate to have lost a gunfight due to the game breaking. All his bullets hit yet it did no damage, thats a rip. Press f to pay respects.

  26. I didnt even know you were in Faze. I was so confused.

  27. Can u help me get 1000 subs 🙁

  28. so is faze taking 80% of your money to XD

  29. all i heard from you in that game was 1 deep breath

  30. Only Ogs will remember when martoz used to do 1v1s against his brother and his brother was on ps4

  31. Bruh, what happened? You killed me in arena and just stood still I was Zeny

  32. Wat is je nationaileit eigenlijk martoz?

  33. thanks for the all the tips you have had me do soo good in wc! Keep grinding man!

  34. been here since 10k, you have grown alot and i hope you not only qualify but win some money!
    Edit: i dont hope, i know

  35. Let’s go Faze Martoz ????????

  36. Your tunneling and high ground retake are so clean dude, you’re a legend.
    Hope you hit 500k soon

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