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Solve Windows 8/8.1 Drivers Problem – Install Realtek AC97 Audio Drivers (NEW)

For Windows 8/8.1, there are no compatible Realtek AC97 Audio Drivers. But you can fix this issue by watching this tutorial.
Error : Red cross mark on volume icon on taskbar even after installing drivers. Exclamation mark on audio device in Device Manager.

1. First, download the file from the link given below :
Download Link 1 :
Download Link 2 :
(Leave a comment, if the link is broken)
2. Extract these files…

20 Comments on Solve Windows 8/8.1 Drivers Problem – Install Realtek AC97 Audio Drivers (NEW)

  1. I can't install the drivers even after I have done exactly what you did in the video, it errors "windows could not find driver software for your device". It does the same with another driver I found on the internet. Suggestions?

  2. i dont have multimedia audio controller

  3. I don't hae an f7 key?

  4. nothing in device manager is listed multimedie please help!?!?!

  5. This is on point man!! Fricken stressed me out when I came back home and my brother told me, my sound wasnt working! Life saver man!!

  6. will it work for bose speakers?

  7. It is saying that Windows has determined that your software is up to date

  8. If this trick doesn't work for you try downloading other drivers that might be yours I tried this trick and at first everything seemed like it had installed but when I restarted my computer every time it tried to play a sound it would blue screen so I had to uninstall the drivers and think of something else what I thought of was that there were soundmax drivers that I knew I needed but wouldn't install so I used the trick from this video to install them and now everything is fine and sound will play so just remember find out what drivers your computer needs first and then you can use this video to install them

  9. thanks man……… u r awesome….. i installed every software i could find, but my sound was not working…….. and ur video helped me like a dream ……..thanks man…….

  10. I tried doing this and it doesn't work. I was having this problem and looked up solutions online. One said to uninstall my audio driver under the "Sound" Option. Leaving only "High Definition Audio" option left. But I couldn't find anything to reinstall my audio drive. So my friend went on Realtek and downloaded their High Definition Audio Codec. It didn't do anything though. So I tried to install their Audio Codec, but it wasn't compatible with Windows 8 so it stopped downloading. Now when I do the steps you provided, the only option I have is the High Definition Audio to update and it says it's already up to date. But the problem is that I don't have and Audio device on my computer anymore. Can you please help me out 🙁 I have a desktop HP Pavillion if that makes a difference. I just need to install another Audio Drive. But don't know how or where to even go for that since the one Realtek has isn't compatible with Windows 8

  11. Thanks  BRO thank you very much

  12. how do you extract the files? what should I use? PLEASE HELP

  13. Don't works with me… The old drive on my laptop don't install… I tried to all, but nothing does.


  14. i did everythınk ,, tried also other solutıon ,, but my asus tx 201l ,, ı can not work wıth realtek hd audıo driver .. ı always get thıs "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"  and yellow allert… can you pls help me

  15. hello my friend I can not you help me.. 

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