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Sony Xperia XZ1 Tips, Tricks and Best Hidden Features

Our Sony Xperia XZ1 tips and tricks guide shows you how to setup and customise Sony’s new flagship phone and some of the best hidden features you might not know about.

Get the most from your shiny Xperia XZ1 smartphone with this tips and tricks guide, from streaming PS4 games with Remote Play to watching HDR content on Sony’s gorgeous screen.

Sony’s Xperia XZ1 flagship device is one of the first handsets that isn’t Google branded to come packing Android Oreo. Version 8.0 of Google’s…

45 Comments on Sony Xperia XZ1 Tips, Tricks and Best Hidden Features

  1. I don't like the large fonts and icons in XZ1. After using Samsung phone I don't wanna go back to Sony for this one reason. Can you tell me after changing the settings does XZ1 fonts and icons becomes very small? I have no access to market to see it in person that's why asking. Do you think there is any black theme which can make icons, fonts and drop down menu small?

  2. why doesnt the bottom bar auto hide like in all phones. How to make them autohide?

  3. Will u plz tell me where is the option of first space nd second space setting in mobile Sony Xperia

  4. Activate The camera with The power button and split The screen are features from Android 7

  5. Which is better xz1 or xz premium

  6. It's my phone. I love ????

  7. I tried a few of this model and all have very low and dim LED notification light. Any idea how to increase the light power?

  8. How to enable double tap to wake on XZ1?

  9. "How to launch the camera"
    Press the camera button. Gee thanks.

  10. Watching from Xperia xz1

  11. I hoped this video will spill some tips on how to reduce battery drainage! When on flight mode with WiFi on it's very decent but when I'm on WiFi and connected to the mobile network battery drains faster. For example only WiFi on whole night idle 1-2%, wifi + mobile network 6-7% over night. And I also don't think it's a good idea to be on the flight mode when there's WiFi cause it's a TELEPHONE, there are lots of people who don't use apps like whatsup and other messengers so if I'm on flight mode they won't reach me. My previous smartphone had a stronger battery life and I'm a bit frustrated by my xz1 compact..all the reviews said the battery life is excellent! It is…but only on flight mode with WiFi on, LTE spoils everything


  13. Does anyone know if I can turn on the option the make a notification sound when battery is fully changed? As on previous Sony phones, it's really helpful

  14. Just got the XZ1 Compact but strangely enough my homebutton is different?
    Doesnt do the color thing

  15. My xperia xz1 doesn't have a finger print. How to enable it? Please.

  16. Bought XZ1 today only "problem" I have is that I don't have this animation when clicking the home button…

  17. I guess i saw a blue icon named 'files' in the app drawer of XZ1 in another review of yours! Is that right!?
    has Sony included a file manager!? if so, cud u pls upload some screenshots!?


  19. Does this have double tap to wake up?

  20. Hey i am from Pakistan and you are the best i watch every review i have one request please do drop test of sony smartphones you are like sony official and i love sony

  21. Over heating. ???

  22. sony xperia xz premium beasttttt

  23. The Xperia flagship at MWC 2018 will likely feature a bezel less screen and OLED display, but still retaining the stereo front speakers.

    I can say it because Sony knows what they're doing and they DO listen to their customers' complaints.
    For instance, Xperias had very low volume speakers (in spite of high quality sound that they produce), and now the XZ1 has 50% more sound pressure and 40% louder than the predecessors – a hefty upgrade IMO.
    And the long-complained 4K video option as a separate app instead of being in the video recording section instead? It's now in the video recording mode and no longer a separate app.

    Like, they do take some time to adjust, but when they do, they always nail it every time.
    They removed burst shot before, but returned it immediately and now they even the AF keeps on triggering for moving subjects, as well as an upgraded slow motion that was taken on a whole new level.

    Give Sony some more time and you'll never be disappointed.

  24. Just give it to me if youre going to break it.

  25. 2700mah good or bad?

  26. we need sound test compere with the other devises

  27. Can u please tell me if the xz1 has a louder headphones sound than the xz premium?

  28. 5g … We are fucked!!! It destroys our DNA! FUCK THE ELITE!

  29. Display has night light ?

  30. Still ghosting on the screen 🙁

  31. Really curious about how the battery life is on XZ1. If this gets good mileage on the 2700 mAh battery imagine what the XZ1 compact will do. My only real issue with the two new phones from Sony is the price…

  32. Camera test Xperia Xz1 vs nokia 8

  33. Battery 2700 mah is good?

  34. 4 views 20 likes 1 dislike . Ninjas everywhere

  35. My sony Xperia xz premium is a solid hp never lag n good battery life. Never regret to switch from Samsung S7.

  36. Sony will never move the speakers to reduce the bezels. Samsung focuses on design and functionality, apple on a premium feel, Huawei on price. Sony focuses on Audio and photography/videography, they have top notch camera's with high quality sensors and colour balances, loud and clear front facing speakers and a range of camera options and "gimmicks". I wouldn't expect them to change until they can fit high quality front facing speakers on a more bezel-less design.

  37. Sony best phones i have xperia xz

  38. Hey. Will xperia xz get oreo update?

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