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SQL Tutorial – Full course for beginners

In this course, we’ll be looking at database management basics and SQL using the MySQL RDBMS. The course is designed for beginners to SQL and database management systems, and will introduce common database management topics.

Throughout the course we’ll be looking at various topics including schema design, basic C.R.U.D operations, aggregation, nested queries, joins, keys and much more.

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  1. Hey everyone! Thanks for watching my course

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  2. Some of this YouTubers really know how to prepare and convey tech materials way better than some lecturers in high-end institutions. Thank you so much for this upload.

  3. Stupid question. What could be the advantage of finding results in descending and ascending order?

  4. Why is it I am unable to write INTEG??

  5. the exercise at 3:16:00 why did you go for an newsted query ? I tried to do the same using an join and got the exact result.

    SELECT distinct employee.first_name, employee.last_name
    FROM works_with
    inner join employee
    on works_with.emp_id = employee.emp_id
    WHERE works_with.total_sales > 30000;

    Which solution would be the best here? I feel like the smaller and more readable the querrie the better.
    But which does useally get prefered ?

  6. Best tutorial ever. I have understood everything I need for my module work for tommorow within 4 hours..
    Such a comprehensive explanation, a lot of useful examples, not just learning syntaxes. Great job, man

  7. Do you have any video of Ui path studio also ?

  8. A slight mistake was made in 1:42:49, The reason it is a syntax error is because you put the chemistry major in double quotations and not single quotations. Chemistry should have been 'Chemistry' but you made it "Chemistry". Once you fix that mistake you will get the correct error which say "Column name cannot be null".

  9. i have a problem, when clicking 'mysql command line' client its not opening. give me any solution for this.

  10. Damn dude you are a legend. Many thanks

  11. my man watches a lot of The Office

  12. Love the Office References 🙂

  13. Best succinct and complete tutorial about SQL .Gave me the theoretical definitions in a simple way. Keep up with the good work.

  14. Thank you so making this video…this video help me a lot ..again thank you very much 😀

  15. colleges really be charging $500+ for beginner DBMS classes and it takes 4 months to learn where as this guy does it for free and under 5 hours.

  16. 1:55:00 But if you delete a row, the student id doesnt update. How can you fix that

  17. getting an error saying that im not connected…anyone mind helping me out?

  18. ????*00212645752301* *Whatapps*????
    سـمـعـت????‍♂️ كــثــيــر مـن الـشـبـاب يـبـحـثـون عــن طــريــقــة فـعـالـة✅ لـتـكـبـيـر الــقــضــيــب
    وأنــا أبــشــركــم???? أنــي حـصـلـت عــلــى الـطـريـقـة الأصــح???? والـمـنـاسـبـة???? وهــتــشــكــرنــي بــعــديــهــا
    تـواصـل مــعــي وأنـا بــشــرح لـك سـر الـوصـفـة الـواتـسـاب *00212645752301*????

  19. Great tutorial, as Python. Thank you very much!!!!!

  20. hey i'm not able to click on run button in popsql can you please help me out!
    the run button doesn't appear to clickable it's gone grey i don't know what's wrong

  21. many thanks! was extremely helpful in started learning DBMS!

  22. Why the caption is not working?

  23. Excellent presentation ????
    I am from Rural India and able to understand your pronunciation in English perfectly , everything what u have explained is crystal clear with good audio

  24. I strongly suggest everyone to follow this tutorial .awesome tutorial..

  25. Hi,guys i have one question, i need to find last_names which contains 3 A which is best form to write this query?

  26. what alternative for popsql can I use, since it is not freeware now?

  27. ⭐️ Contents ⭐
    ⌨️ (0:00) Introduction
    ⌨️ (2:36) What is a Database?
    ⌨️ (23:10) Tables & Keys
    ⌨️ (43:31) SQL Basics
    ⌨️ (52:26) MySQL Windows Installation
    ⌨️ (1:01:59) MySQL Mac Installation
    ⌨️ (1:15:49) Creating Tables
    ⌨️ (1:31:05) Inserting Data
    ⌨️ (1:38:17) Constraints
    ⌨️ (1:48:11) Update & Delete
    ⌨️ (1:56:11) Basic Queries
    ⌨️ (2:08:37) Company Database Intro
    ⌨️ (2:14:05) Creating Company Database
    ⌨️ (2:30:27 ) More Basic Queries
    ⌨️ (2:26:24) Functions
    ⌨️ (2:45:13) Wildcards
    ⌨️ (2:53:53) Union
    ⌨️ (3:01:36) Joins
    ⌨️ (3:11:49) Nested Queries
    ⌨️ (3:21:52) On Delete
    ⌨️ (3:30:05) Triggers
    ⌨️ (3:42:12) ER Diagrams Intro
    ⌨️ (3:55:53) Designing an ER Diagram
    ⌨️ (4:08:34) Converting ER Diagrams to Schemas

    **Copied from video description

  28. 2:52:14 for the month you can also use this (a month is always MM a year is always AAAA- and a day is always -DD ) to distinct the months from th days or the years

  29. ER_PARSE_ERROR: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')' at line 5

  30. the syntax for mysql server 8.0 is differenet. I am not able to create a table.

  31. All of my friends: Stop watching the Office all the time! It will never be useful in your life
    Me: understanding this tutorial

  32. where should i go from here ? any advices ?

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