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SQLite Tutorial 1 : Getting started with SQLite and Installation

A Simple Step-by-Step SQLite Tutorial
How to use SQLite in Windows
SQLite tutorial
How do I install sqlite3 on Windows?
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20 Comments on SQLite Tutorial 1 : Getting started with SQLite and Installation

  1. Good explanation, thanks
    and please double check your subtitles, those are not correct
    thank you once again sir

  2. Help error is displayed
    when you type the command "ls"-It is not vnutrinney or external command

  3. thank heaps that was great, simple and to the point!

  4. The reason for error was because when you click enter without closing the statement with a semi column SQLite parsed:
    SELECT * FROM Employee SELECT * FROM Employee; Instead of SELECT * FROM Employee;

  5. Instead of database, you say "dartabase".
    And insteada of computer, you say "compourter".

  6. it would be good … in charge of Programming Knowledge.
    make a tutorial about .. hsqldb data bases is another of the very light data bases. being used a lot on the web and desktop software.

  7. Escalate database.

  8. Thank you for the videos, the explanation was very good and the methods for installation were very helpful.

  9. SQLite Tutorial 1 : Getting started with SQLite and Installation

  10. Thank you sir. .. Nice tutorial. . Made it easy for me

  11. Listen I am having extreme difficulty nin creating both a database AND a  table in sqlite3! Please help me with this.

    SQLite version 2015-02-25 13:29:11
    Enter ".help" for usage hints.
    Connected to a transient in-memory database.
    Use ".open FILENAME" to reopen on a persistent database.
    sqlite> sqlite3 students.db
       …> .schema
       …> cd c:sqlite
       …> create table student(id integer not null);
    Error: near "sqlite3": syntax error
    sqlite> insert into student values(108);
    Error: no such table: student

  12. Not the greatest of tutorials.

  13. and how iam install this one please tell me any one urgent

  14. i have dought please tell me any one is it support 64 bit

  15. dos that work with 64 bit ???

  16. Thank you so very much!

  17. Thnx for this video is is very useful. But how i can create a relationship between 2 tables 

  18. i haver a problem , plzzz heelp , i didn't find the sqlite2 folder in c:
    and u've gtalked about a database that you have already create ?? where did you create  this database

  19. where the database files are stored?

  20. sqlite> create table employee<emid integer,name varchar<20>,title varchar<10>>;
     I have an error
    Error: near "<": syntax error
    can you have me

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