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State of Decay 2 – 7 things we wish we knew before playing

We’ve spent a fair bit of time with State of Decay 2 and there’s some thing you should know. Here’s 7 essential State of Decay 2 tips you should know before you start playing.
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28 Comments on State of Decay 2 – 7 things we wish we knew before playing

  1. What gameplay is this? Every time I take on a plague heart my cpu partner practice boxing on it and get hit by everything

  2. Zombie apocalypse , but guess what? Your "crew" will get the hump, depressed and leave if they don't get a bed EACH ????


  4. You don’t need to euthanize ANY of your survivors. I’ve played through this game multiple times on every difficulty. Never euthanized. It’s really easy to stockpile plague samples simply by collecting a stack of them (you can stack 99 in one inventory slot) so that after you kill a plague heart, you’ll have typically around 20 after that, and even more if you take down plague hordes (easiest with a crossbow quietly). DONT EUTHANIZE

  5. How did you execute the dude

  6. Tip 1: Don’t run away from ferals or juggernauts. Stay and fight, or you’re gonna get either your head ripped off, or just straight up ripped in half.

    Tip 2: don’t try to run over a juggernaut, it’s the equivalent of throwing a pebble against a car… except the pebble explodes…

    Tip 3: aim for the head. Aiming for the head is an obvious one, but sometimes you see the juggernauts big fat belly, and you think it’s a weak point. Well that’s where you’re wrong buckaroo, it’s not gonna do anything, so aim for the head.

    Tip 3: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS carry ammo with you. You’ll never know when you have to fight a special zed.

    Tip 4: don’t waste your fire on juggernauts. Juggernauts are immune to fire, so don’t use fire weapons or tools. Although they are immune to fire, they aren’t immune to grenades.

    Tip 5: when the juggernaut is kneeling, GO FOR THE KILL, make sure to press RT + X or CTRL + left click. If you miss this chance, you will have to waste another clip into his meat ball brain.

    Tip 6: always look snazzy. Lookin fly is the best thing to do on your adventure, and gives yourself a bit of confidence.

  7. Fuck u guys, How Bout Trying to Slide Down The Ladder Too Long with a rucksack will make you Plummet to the Earth!? Those r the kinda tips i need a hole

  8. I hate the fact that one of the first missions is to help neighbors get a blood plague sample but they send you to do it yourself. They are ridiculously needy. Still a fun game though.

  9. WHat? How were people losing communities? I've never lost mine? Just upgrade each person of your community on their skills and you can have 5-6 member handle a whole horde alone.

  10. Too bad is not in steam

  11. I really like that the community is coming out in hordes in the comments, to be helpful. When was the last time that shit happened?

  12. I wish Crowd Control Damage of Weapon Movement.

  13. The game is easy my community is always happy and I'm always stacked

  14. i was just playing.. all of a sudden got sleepy no stamina left at all, went to loot one last building, Zombie Horde spawns outside… sneak to hide… Oh wait they can see through walls apparently zombies come kill me….quit instantly. games not fun anymore.

  15. Or use 6 timberwolf shots to clear a plague heart

  16. Tip number 8 everything is fucking orange

  17. I would never euthanize any of my characters

    Ok that was a lie inly the ones I hate

  18. I Found Out That “Dead Island” Had Runner Zombies And I Immediately Deleted That Game. Those Shits were Fucking Crazy

  19. I'd like some cool people to play this with on Xbox one

  20. That's a little bit that's a little bit click mehdi to me you announce new DLC new content and you're not even giving us the facts just because they hint at it doesn't mean it's true hell they hinted at the beginning of the thing that they were going to be doing multiple updates you're always going to be expanding the game they're not even holding up to that it into the deal why would you get our hopes up by saying new DLC kind of just lost points in my book

  21. I learned to play this game as I went. I love survival games so this was game was a must play. I love kt


  23. here's a tip. on nightmare mode. DO NOT face a feral on foot alone. only if u have an auto shotgun but even with that it is still extremely tough

  24. The more plague hearts you destroy the hard the game gets aswell as the spawns for ferals jugs and bloaters are increased drastically

  25. Okay after watching this I started new game again hehehezc

  26. I remember I was forced into a House and remained in stealth to scavenge before something triggered a horde.. there was only a Downstairs to go but it was near the door that was holding back a horde and bam, Feral slams right through. I instantly did a turn around and jumped out of the nearest window… Lol.. Ferals during horde attacks are vicious.

  27. Hyped about this game. At the moment I have it downloading at 95% and I’m just watching this for some tips. My Xbox account is Kriptonik800.

  28. Would help if I could understand her. Her British accent is difficult for me to comprehend her points about this game.

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