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Superhuman Tape Measure Skills DEBUNK

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Captain Disillusion answers a viewer request and gets slightly carried away.

• Subject video:
• Jackson’s request video:

Featuring the Debunk Breakdown remix by HoriXZ0n

36 Comments on Superhuman Tape Measure Skills DEBUNK

  1. His debunking video has much more quality than the video being debunked

  2. This is my fathers job at Marvin windows and doors and I’m going to show him this video and see what he thinks

  3. I grew up watching corridor digital and now that I've gotten older, i watch you. I feel like there's probably a good amount of your subscribers are probably like this to some extent. I think you should review their effects at some point and stuff. I think it'd be cool to see what you think of it.

  4. whats the doctor who theme remix at 1:30?

  5. The sad thing is, you can fake the tape measure thing with either glue or duct tape on the tip of the measure tape or moving things offscreen.

  6. All I can think about is his struggle to put on all that face paint every video.

  7. 13k likerererer

  8. How is he not having more subscribers

  9. I think that all of the editing in the fake trickshot video is more time consuming than doing an actual trickshot video…

  10. Think theres a hole in the 2 by 4 the wire is running through on the light switch one

  11. Anybody who's even just touched a tape measure knows that video was fake

  12. This is a awesome channel man. First video. New subscriber. Great stuff

  13. Well, I thought it was obvious what the advertising plan was

    1. Make poorly-edited Ad
    2. Watch ad go viral
    3. Have CD tear it apart, exposing the ad to millions of people
    4. Profit

  14. Okay all things aside. How the FUCK did cpt disillusion even pull this shit off??

  15. omg that ending scene

  16. You’re a genius.

  17. Captian D: No need for foul language, Jackson.

    Also Captain D: Your right. It is a f*****g viral ad

  18. Well, long time ago I was so amazed with that tape measuring skills and I tried practicing it. Now I am so embarrassed to myself and I feel that I am a total goofball.

  19. Don't understand advertising? Let me fill you in. We're watching this video several years later that is inadvertently advertising the window company (even more so than the original viral videos were!) at no extra cost to them. Boom. If you'll excuse me, I have some window shopping to do.

  20. cap d is related to dr.cooper

  21. This is like a 90's tv show

  22. What if he exposed the 9/11 news videos

  23. Why are there so much comments…….

  24. Do you paint that on your face every video?

  25. I swear i didnt make that ad

  26. Im more mesmerized by the way he inserts himself into clips than the debunking of the clips themselves

  27. 11:35
    How to hang yourself with a tape measure…
    while still looking cool

  28. That under qualified effects artist probably has a college degree… if you get what I’m getting at. But to be fair to him, working for a large firm that’s likely understaffed means sacrificing quality so more work can get done. That’s true in every industry. Bottom line for every company: don’t be cheap. Put more people on payroll. This is all speculation in this case, but that’s the reality of most industries.

  29. Acually not that hard to throw a nail

  30. You should suck my dingle dongle

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