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Surface Pro 3 Tips – Microsoft OneNote

This video demonstrates a few ways that OneNote works best on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Tips covered – using the pen button, Desktop or Modern App and Outlook Integration with OneNote.

23 Comments on Surface Pro 3 Tips – Microsoft OneNote

  1. Can you take pictures from the desktop version? Or do you have to go to the app version?

  2. Thank you very much. I have Surface Pro 3, with keyboard and stylus pen since January 2015. I use Office 365 since last year or so.

  3. Is that pen works with dell touch laptops which are having pen support with 10 touch points ???

  4. how do you actually get the "pen flicks" to work in programs and applications? I turned it on but it doesn't actually work. The pen just selects text and anything else on the screen instead of activating the flick feature

  5. Looking through your channel & I have nothing but love for you.. I Like your work!

  6. what dpi settings do you use?

  7. This will be my next tablet.

    The iPhone was my best apple purchase and the iPad was my worst apple purchase.
    Somehow with apple products, the smaller they are, the more I like them! (I'm sure someone will make this about dicks now).

  8. How do i switch from tablet mode to desktop mode in onenote? I prefer the desktop mode but when I press the pen to screenshot it goes directly to tablet mode………

  9. can you have the palm of your hand lean against the device whilst writing?

  10. That swipe to change app, is that gone in windows 10?

  11. what processor is your surface pro 3 running?

  12. it is really hard sometime when my surface pro 3 pen top button doesn't work . i'm not really sure that i may turn off its function or something went wrong…

  13. Do you know if the same OneNote functionality exits for Windows 10? I am trying to get it to work and when I click the pen I only get the login prompt.

  14. I'm waiting for the Surface Pro 4 which is releasing in October.

  15. Surface pen top bottom one click to desktop onenote, it just open desktop onenote but not in a new page?

  16. It's annoying that onenote desktop lacks the ability to insert a image from camera, like the preinstalled Onenote does. Hoping a fix for this will be released Soon.

  17. What's the pen specs?

  18. Thank you . great video and clear demonstrations..

  19. Again, very useful video. Thank you.

  20. Can left handed writing be a problem using the surface pro 3?

  21. Do you ever find that the default resolution is too small?

  22. Are you going to get your hands on a Surface 3?

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