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20 Comments on Surface Windows 8 Pro Overview

  1. Win 8,8.1,Pro>Windows 10,Pro

  2. i have a question can i remove the keyboard and stick it back ??????? plz answer me plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. My wireless internet got turned off on my surface….I am new to windows 8 and cannot figure out where to go to turn it on, can you help

  4. จัดไปฅั้งโฅ๊ะทำงานสักเครื่อง

  5. Can you do a video on how to redeem a gift code? :/ I can't do it!!!

  6. I realy want one.

  7. nos quas xa laj ddoois voiws moij nguwoif, maketing vaanx chuaw ddi vaof dduwocj longf nguowif.

  8. Apple was very cheap to me, didn't buy me any gifts

  9. It rather amuses me how Windows actually advertises to people the actual business properties of a tablet computer. With iPad… I can't remember a one.
    Am I the only one to think that buying a computer that will probably go out of date within about a year without the prospect of actually making money -not even for productivity- with it a bad idea?

  10. If Apple were your girlfriend, shed be weaping and begging you not to go. Haha

  11. You are correct on all fronts.
    well said

  12. Not the Pro., its embedded in the RT. however if you get Office 365 for $99 online, you get 5 FULL version of the office suite and you can delegate what computers its installed on. You als get an EXTRA 20 GB of skydrive space.
    With the Surface pro 2, you also get an extra 200 GB skydrive space. That kicks ass.

  13. From the store.. AFTER Oct 17.

  14. As I've heard it'll be available for download since 17th October. At least in Europe, maybe even in the whole world.

  15. I got a surface pro but how do we get the windows 8.1 update

  16. I want the blue keyboard, i'm dumping suri, . "aw baby we are so cute toghteher…" sorry suri, this is a tablet that is a laptop.

  17. me to, hey um, does it already come with office 365? cause if it does, this laptop is going to my sister, lol

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