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Swann Security HomeSafe View App Setup – Windows PC Tutorial

In this video we go through the setup of the Swann Security HomeSafe View Windows PC software, including some basic system configuration.

For 1590, 1600, 4575, 4780, 4980, 7450, 8580 Series DVRs & NVRs.

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21 Comments on Swann Security HomeSafe View App Setup – Windows PC Tutorial

  1. Pls HELP, when i double click on a camera to see live view, a message state can not see camera as offline, but i am ONLINE, i can email, write and post here. What's up? ANYONE Pleaseeeeeeeeee

  2. I clicked Refresh and nothing came up but my cam works fine

  3. In order to this does it has to be connected to the same WiFi router? Thanks for the video

  4. Extremely bloody helpful chap! Have a happy new year!

  5. You are a great instructor! Thank You.

  6. Thank you! Very helpful

  7. Super helpful, thank you!

  8. Excellent video wish i had discovered sooner, mind you the swear box was filling up

  9. I have Wireless Swann cameras, and every time i try and add an online device nothing appears? Is this an app only for cameras supported with bnc cables and not wireless? Because i have the wireless cameras and this app is not showing any networks.

  10. not working for wifi cams

  11. It says please check with your network admin…

  12. thank you great help

  13. You should run a training course on security system setup – very helpful.

  14. thank you i had no idea about half of these settings. much appreciated for your time

  15. hi i have the same problem on playback of a recording , please help thanks , great video

  16. i have 8 cameras when i look at the cameras they are not clear , but when i click on one camera at a time the picture is clear, how do i make 4 cameras look clear thanks

  17. i did add online device i refresh it but still blank

  18. Thanks so much for this video! Wow did that help out so much Thank for your time on this video.

  19. Thanks so much for this video! I'm not sure why it's so hard to find info from Swann. They make a great system. It sure would be nice for them to add simple videos like this right on the product page or in the system itself.

  20. Mine is saying it's not recognizing the user, it's not letting me add cameras

  21. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Much easier to understand than Swann could ever advise.

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