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Systems Administrator Reacts to Windows 8

This is a video of our systems administrator’s first reaction to Windows 8 being installed on his computer.

20 Comments on Systems Administrator Reacts to Windows 8

  1. Was that Wendell from Teksyndicate in the background? at 1:12

  2. where is my real pc whahahahahaha its does it to me but for windows 10 lolll

  3. This guy's like WTF winders 8.

  4. So many blind Microsoft hating end users here. 95% of the people posting in this thread have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. From an admin perspective, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 are leaps and bounds better than any other alternative.

    -Increased performance
    -Increased security
    -Less resource intensive
    -Vastly improved PowerShell
    -Active Directory upgrades
    -Just to name a few

    Linux can work, but lets see you try to deploy it in an enterprise environment and keep 99.99% uptime, along with the ability to control end-users as well as Windows. You're not going to be deploying Linux in a business that's running Windows and keep your uptime metrics high. I guarantee that if you try, you'll be frustrated to no end, and more than likely fired soon thereafter.

    Active Directory alone has no equal at the moment. If you don't understand that, you have no right to complain.

    The same people complaining about the "Start Menu" are the same ones that will undoubtedly FUBAR a Corporate network. That's why Admins love Active Directory so much. It protects the network from user error, by allowing us to severely restrict what you have access to and are capable of. We actually call idiot user errors PICNIC errors. (Problem In Chair Not In Computer). AD eliminates PICNIC errors and preserves network integrity.

    I couldn't care less what you think about your home setup, because in a business environment, Microsoft still reigns supreme (to those of us who actually do this professionally).

  5. This is just golden!


  7. WIndows 8 are same for microsoft……i have use it, and i change it in 5 days… Now im thinking for win 10 just for  experience,  but i thing is like win 8 with 7 and Xp together all …!! Microsoft need to Go Vacations for relax ! Or reboot the tech guys have now there haha^^

  8. Now we finally see the pattern for Microsoft. Windows 3.x sucked. Windows 95 was awesome! Windows ME was stupid. Windows XP was a great idea. Windows Vista was a headache. Windows 7 was a good fix. Windows 8.x was a disaster. Windows 10 was heaven-sent. Just avoid the next Windows release like the plague, and then buy the release after that one. Seems Microsoft's business strategy to keep customers is to disappoint them, then make it up to them. If they instead had twice as long of a release schedule, we might have better quality stuff. They might even fix the root-user problem.

  9. Windows 8, 10 ??? Horrible ugly. Remove all stupid apps: Open cmd.exe (with admin rights), and type PowerShell, than type: Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage Thats all. F*ck You Microsoft with stupid apps ! ! ! Horrible. Learn Linux, Use Linux Mint for example.

  10. Well that's a stupid administrator, lol. If it says "START" all over the screen and he asks "what is this?" i think he's either blind or totally retarded

  11. he could get a giant 40" 4k monitor and around it have some 27" 1440p monitors (both have the same DPI tbh it's just the DPI that stays the same) and boom.

  12. I'm a programmer and an amateur game developer, and Windows 8 is fine ^^ It looks nice, runs quickly, and there's no dependency Linux nightmare (not that Linux is that bad, but eeehhhh >.>). To be honest, it seems that people keep complaining about it because it's different, and lots of people just don't like different 😛 Tech-savvy or no ^^ Saying that it's too toy-like and flashy is basically going like "I like to pretend that I'm really cool by being all old school and not caring for aesthetics! Raaawr!"

    But it wasn't made for system administrators. It might be great for normal usage, gaming, coding, design, etc. but system administrators just have different needs :P

  13. tbt Winows 8 handles multiple monitors 10x better so they kind of did him a favor in some way, I'll admit windows 8.1 is garbage, but 8 isn't really that bad

  14. This dope MUST be important – he's got the most monitors, wow….

  15. I don't have a problem with Windows 8, the Tiles are just a matter to get used to. A a nice improvement they added to Windows 8 is, it boots a lot faster than Windows 7, on my Windows 7 computer it takes more than a minute to boot while Windows 8 takes much less than that.

  16. W8 like a W10 is a FULLSHIT !!!!!! Linux Ave!!!

  17. he said what is this BS LMAO

  18. He's not a real sysadmin. A real sysadmin would have at least 8 Monitors to get work done. :D

  19. I like Windows 8

  20. System Administrator thinks Windows 8 turns a non-touch screen into a touch screen. Does he even know how to use a computer?

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