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Teaching My Wife to Hack…Maybe

0:00 – Just chattin’
2:45 – Introduction….HackTheBox Legacy
5:25 – The 5 steps of hacking
7:10 – What are ports?
8:26 – TCP vs UDP / The 3-way handshake
10:18 – Stealth scan “handshake”
11:25 – Setting up Nmap scan / hacking pop quiz
18:00 – Reviewing our Nmap scan / enumeration
23:15 – Using Metasploit for SMB enumeration
27:50 – Searching for an exploit
30:55 – Exploitation with Metasploit
33:20 – A lesson in Meterpreter / “What’s a shell?”

43:10 – AMA…

27 Comments on Teaching My Wife to Hack…Maybe

  1. If you liked this video, you might enjoy part 2 :). You can find part 2 here:

  2. I really loved your content bro. I am going through with this playlist whenever I am tired af and want to see some good videos which fresh my mind and at same time I can learn from it. After seeing how you and your wife enjoy (Of course you enjoyed more for her it's bit hectic I thought) I think in future I also do something like this with my pretty wife like yours. Waiting for your more upcoming videos on this and web application pentesting and other topics too!????

  3. If I would do like this… I'll have to hack the machines all night…but on a serious note just made newbies to push themselves and taught them how to think.???? Love from India

  4. asking about girlfriend and then showing me "wife" videos. that's karma lol

  5. i was acc gunna do this with my girl

  6. That was awesome for NOOBS like myself. I wish you would do more like that and get harder. Great job

  7. I tried to do the same box but it’s take about 50 minutes to nmap. I don’t know why but do you have any suggestions to make it scan faster.

  8. Use more analogies!! Good video.

  9. This is a perfect concept. I really enjoyed this.

  10. Oh my this is so lovely

  11. "I like cheating" —- your relationship might be in danger bro

  12. 9:59 Cyber mentor talking dirty to his wife.

  13. Damn… If I become a penetration tester do I get a hot wife like that too?

  14. What University did you study Cyber Security? I'm really interested in Cyber Security 🙂

  15. "Le Tired"…Well then have a nap. THEN FIRE ZE MISSILES

  16. this is fake, programmers got no wives

  17. "Get starting with HackTheBox!" Tutorial! It would be great. You are the best teacher out there.!

  18. Omg i sooo love this series… u both look good together.. but the idea of doing this in layman’s term is really like doing step by step patiently. Thank you sir! Your the best! Learned tons of things from this video.

  19. your wife is gorgeous bro

  20. Thanks youtube needed this

  21. What did you say was good work to get into? Pan, or pam?? 1:27:41

  22. 31:12 This is actually how good programmer think

  23. She said "I like cheating"

  24. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COULD U DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS , slowly english talk and specific things like u said the 3 way handshake how stealh nmap works and all the stuff forma people like me , PLEASE I like and I learn so much seeing ur vídeo ! Hi from spain !

  25. this is awesome ….. ur wife rocks she made it ahahah…. btw nice page to train…. ty for all ur videos ….

  26. I think this was torture for her. You should buy her a big gift.

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