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Teamfight Tactics Introduction – Beginner's Guide | Full Gameplay | League of Legends Auto Chess

Disguised Toast teaches you the basics of Teamfight Tactics, the new League of Legends Auto Chess game from Riot. TFT will be on PBE on June 18th for testing and is expected to release a week after.

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31 Comments on Teamfight Tactics Introduction – Beginner's Guide | Full Gameplay | League of Legends Auto Chess

  1. Miss the old tft bring it back rito!

  2. Ok so i still don't know what those crown helmet gold stuff at the side do

  3. you got me into this game toast

  4. Welcome to league

  5. best gide bro. the best! . thx

  6. This tft stuff sucks

  7. Hey Toast, Sorry, but you lost my Sub, no more Hearthstone content on the channel is the breaker for me, I'ts the only reason I subbed in the first place. Good luck in TfT hope it all goes well.

  8. and there was never another hearthstone episode since…

  9. How do i go back to playing 5v5? I'm new to this & completely lost haha

  10. So yeah if you played Auto-Chess you know TFT well.

  11. Not a bad tutorial but NOT a good choice for games to demonstrate. If you're going to go through a real game, narrate WHY you're doing what you're doing more. What are you hoping to build? What's the strategy. A losing game like this taught me almost nothing. It's not about it being a losing game. Tell me what you could've done differently. Please take this as constructive criticism.

  12. Buy things with geowd
    The fun part is batturwing

  13. question, what are those helmet things in the slots at the sides of the field?

  14. funfact : underlords is better

  15. the selling someones dar… was priceless LOL

  16. I came to this game because I play chess rush and got bored of all the combo

  17. I really hope they keep this game mode permanent it’s fun as hell

  18. Haha I got a "chess masterclass" because of this xD

  19. "you have no control or the battle when it starts"
    Because why not have RNG in every single game you play

  20. can everyone see this? no promotion. i just wanna promote this got damn bug

  21. The "I don't have the skill to rank up in an actual moba so I pray to the RNG gods and pretend it takes skill instead." game.

  22. Consider turning off your discord notifications when you're recording/streaming.

  23. Thing that could have been made more clear in this glorified advert for the AutoChess knockoff made by the DOTA knockoff: You have to install the DOTA knockoff to play it.

  24. thanks for the guide mate

  25. The beginning of the end.

  26. I recommend the Assassin start.

    They only have two weaknesses being freeze and ghost

    Also I won my first game with an Assassin team

  27. Btw. Assassin are best when at the corner

  28. How to unlock ranked game type ?

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