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Ten Common Windows 8 Problems and How to Fix Them For Dummies

If you’re having problems with Windows 8, you might be able to take care of them yourself. This video shows you ten or so ways to fix your computer woes, both big and small.

41 Comments on Ten Common Windows 8 Problems and How to Fix Them For Dummies

  1. Hey my store does not load and minimizes I tried but it won't work plz give a video how to fix it

  2. if u have windows 8
    1-No fortnite
    2-Cant login 2 microsoft account on store
    3-error when installing windows 10
    4-internet problems
    5- kill ur self and ur pc

  3. I have a problem with my videos….i have AMD graphics card…..and when i record a dekstop video it turns green….how do you fix it!Please help me!!!!!

  4. What A Dumb Ass, He Says "This Video Shows You Ten Or So Ways To Fix Your green Screen"  Can Someone tell Him That A Green Screen Comes Up If You Want To Watch Anything!!!

  5. For everyone having problems with windows 8…What the fuck were you thinking buying windows 8?

  6. u r the real Dummy

  7. SOLUTION THAT WORKS!!!GO HERE AND DISABLE-chrome://flags/#disable-accelerated-video-decode

  8. the green youtube screen is the real problem! Cant even see the videos that try and help me fix it

  9. what about green you tube ????????????????

  10. were not dummies you shit -.-

  11. Dear,

    Good Morning

    I have a ASUS Memory 12 G Windows 8.1 i7 . the model is N551JK

    I need your help

    Already have some days that I have enormous difficulty of installing programs, appears the msg ERROR WRITING CACHE FILE-make sure you have the APPROPRIATE PERMISSIONS

    Even when not appear, has an error in the execution many times.

    I inform you that I am the administrator.

    Please, any help I appreciate it, I have to work with my computer.

    Thank you

  12. can some one help me my icons on aplications like windows media player and obs have become realy small plz help

  13. I can't open google fuckin chrome

  14. Very helpful. Thank you

  15. wtf my settings doesn't have a general button along the left what is this

  16. I get that darned green screen whenever I try to watch a video.  The guy with the audio fix is babbling about 360 and this and that and I have no clue what he's talking about.  Can anyone offer an easy, logical fix?

  17. Tried everything. The only fix to windows 8 is to buy Windows 7, and install it.

  18. this would be perfect if MY SCREEN WAS NOT GREEN !!!

  19. i cant open the pc settings..fuuck shiit windpws 8 sucks


  21. I am having an issue with windows 8 myself which wasn't on this list. I have 8.1 (Not sure if that is any different), and there is a feature in which i would move my mouse to the right side of the screen, then a seach bar would pop up allowing me to look for certain apps ect. But it stopped working. I looked around for an answer but haven't gotten any solid help. +Dummies Blog I need help!!!

  22. I have no that general in pc settings

  23. whenever I download something and it downloads, I open it to see it says " Application was not found" what do I do D:

  24. I love how this glaring flaw in their interface isn't even on their list of priorities.  I've exhausted every trouble shooting tip, and I still have to watch a green screen every now and then instead of whatever video I wanted to watch.  It happens with literally every website that uses Adobe products to produce video, so almost every single one of them.  Kind of like if the DMV was accidentally issuing licenses that disintegrate at room temperature.

  25. I got a bad copy of windows loaded on my computer.Windows shut down all icons on desk top.I had down loaded a copy of deriks boot and nuke.I ran the program and wiped everything off my drive.I attemptedd to load genuine copy of windows 8 pro.system loads every thing but I recieve  error messsage:windows shut down abruptly click net to reinstall??Thats where Im at now. ???Do I have to re format drive???Wd 500gb.If so where do Iget thedisk>>>

  26. i came here because the screen is completely green so how am i suppose to see what i am meant to do if i cant see the screen because its green for fuck sake

  27. the whole Win8 seems made for Dummies o.O

  28. the problem with this is I can't view videos, so this video doesn't help. the screen just turns green

  29. I thought that when they bring out a new operating system, that it's supposed to be an improvement on the previous version ??

  30. I have a windows 8 an I get a green screen on videos on fb Netflix how do I fix it

  31. I have a problem. I have an asus windows 8 laptop notebook. It says it has %0 available and that's it's charging. But it's not charging…

  32. I have a problem where my pc has turned off the ethernet sign, every ethernet cable does not work. How do i turn this on? Please help me!

  33. Hello, My problem is dealing with sound. My friends on skype cannot hear me at all when my headphones plug in i can hear them but they cant hear me as i talk to the PC Microphone they cant hear me when i plug out my headphones i can talk but i can hear my voice through my speakers Please help me.

  34. all I did was hit refresh and BOOM it was fine

  35. When I log in it is just black I can move my mouse and open steam I can even do virus checks and the narrator but it does not show the home screen very annoying I need it fixed for a assignment so response fast would be nice

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