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The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild: Tips + Tricks For New Players!

I’ve played the game for 3 or 4 hours now and there were some things that went somewhat unexplained or were easy to miss. So here are my top tips for you guys when you first play! 😀

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22 Comments on The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild: Tips + Tricks For New Players!

  1. I've ordered the game and I'm just wondering if there's a way to track what you've been doing. Like how do you know when you've completed the game? How do you know if there's things to do that you've missed?

  2. This was honestly the best tips trick I’ve watched. And I’ve watched many.

  3. I just got the game but this was an amazing video. Iv watched other videos but you had some tips i hadn't heard yet

  4. I just got the game not long ago but I found a rlly rare monster or something idk but it was at night and it was glowing and it was small

  5. You sound like sunlight blade…

  6. The korok seeds go to this one guy who loses his maracas, he gives you a choice of more inventory space every time you give him a seed

  7. I did not know that you could open the camp chests and I have defeated so many ughh

  8. Seenking mah teeff

  9. there’s a giant statue of Daruk on death mountain and the statue is doing thumbs up

  10. Tip #1: Buy this game!

  11. Just started playing and I’m so impressed with how creative you can be when interacting with the environment.

    I wouldn’t of thought you could chop down a tree to make a bridge.

    Once I got bombs I started dropping those in ponds and getting tons of fish.

    Before I figured out cooking I ran into the colder areas with a torch and was able to survive as long as I held it.

  12. 3 or 4 hours I played for 300 hours

  13. eye nede help geting beter sori i espeac espanidh

  14. thank you so much ????????????

  15. You forgot that trees can be taken down by the bomb power in the Shikaslate

  16. Bombs are a multifonction troll.

  17. Breath of the wilds ? I thought it was called Breath of the wild…

  18. Why is no one telling about parrying

  19. Thankyou ????
    It’s a big help
    Haven’t owned a Nintendo in a while
    and this helps

  20. sitting there saying you don't even know what korok seeds do I did you even rushed video take time and make it actually a good tips video then

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