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The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video – Who moved my Windows 8 Cheese?

I created this calmly paced 25 minute video to give new users to Windows 8 a near-complete understanding of the major features including the Start Screen, Hot Corners, Full Screen Apps, Desktop Apps, The Store, Browsing, Doing Social Stuff, using the Mouse effectively and exploiting keyboard Shortcuts.

Feel feel to share this video with Mom, Dad, your school or anyone who is feeling confused, frustrated or ineffective when using Windows 8

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19 Comments on The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video – Who moved my Windows 8 Cheese?

  1. if you need genuine windows 8 can click here my windows got here and works well, sharing with you

  2. I have a Windows 8 PC coming in in the next few days, so I can't physically see it right now. Can you set one of your own pictures as the start screen background, or only the desktop? Thank you!! This video has saved me so much time; I won't have to play around with it and slowly figure it all out on my own! Thanks!

  3. can u play AAA games with this app witout that stuff getting in the way?
    stuff like skyrim/COD

  4. If guys need windwos product key,you can go The key is genuine and wors great.

  5. can u play AAA games with this app witout that stuff getting in the way?
    stuff like skyrim/COD

  6. Thanks God Bless everyone:)

  7. Excellent tutorial.  Thanks!

  8. This is just awesome. Thanks a lot Scott.

  9. wow you make this look so easy thanks for sharing my friend has Windows 8 and does not have a clue how to use it so I shared the link with her you made me even want to buy Windows 8 but I am waiting for Windows 10 now so I will subscribe to you so when it does maybe you can post a video for that also thanks again

  10. Is there a way to slide through videos like pictures?

  11. Thanks for the video!
    I now will go nowhere near Windows 8, wanted a 17" laptop but I'll hang on for a second hand Win 7.
    And if I can't get one, I'll keep this laptop going!

  12. What about the touch side of Windows 8?  This video was great for showing all of the different features of Win 8 – but everything was done with a mouse.  This video relied heavily on the ability to right click.  So far I have found Win 8 very frustrating to use with touch gestures.  And I can't seem to find a good video that shows the touch stuff.  I am amazed that Win 8 didn't come with a built in on-screen touch tutorial that "trains" the user how to use the touch gestures.  Most video games have some sort of on-screen training mode that helps you understand the basics.  To me, that should have been a no-brainer for Win 8.

  13. Bravo!  This is the first vid that shows me that I can still run five apps at a time and shape them and place them anyway I want on the screen without using SNAP.
    Some people reading this might think so may apps at a time is unusual.  Some apps, especially communications apps work together.

  14. Cheese is moved and hidden. I just fail to see the advantage of 8. I've tried to fix problems on 8 computers and it requires a huge investment of time to get to the guts of windows so I can make the necessary fixes. To make it work at all it seems to require a huge amount of brain memory overhead to remember the names of things so I can find it in the search box, requires a lot of key combinations (after Win 3.0 I've only managed to remember control at delete), and weird mouse movements and clicks. I love the menu system. I can find my stuff. 

  15. Scott,
    I am so glad I googled this video. It was such a help! My desktop was running Windows 98, so you can imagine my horror when I logged into the new Windows!!!  My new laptop is Windows 8.1…seems to be a little different, but nothing I can't handle :).
    ~~~Now to get you here to fix my washing machine!!!!
    Thanks a bunch!

  16. try this new version of Windows 8 32 bit with crack pc-programs.+com/windows-8-32-bit-download/ (remove + before com).

  17. Scott, or someone, may I ask a question? Why does the ITunes updates come up so often. I don't even use ITunes. Do I need to download their updates when I'm asked. Thank you so much for answering.

  18. omg runing more than 1 app at the time??????? i cant belive that!!!!! -.- fuck win8

  19. I have a question, On my ASUS laptop is it suppose to take 30 seconds to start the mail thing

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