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36 Comments on Tips and Tricks 8: How to make paper hinges

  1. That was Superb ????????????

  2. Oh my god, yes! This is exactly what I need. You tutorial is so well explained and easy to understand

  3. Wow…. his guys smart

  4. this is beautiful!!!

  5. you could roll a pretty good joint

  6. Can I substitute something for the rolled paper tube

  7. can ya add a latch to secure the hinge?

  8. Can you make a aug a1?

  9. 3:02 what is that noise??

  10. This guys Chanel is really good: He tells you how to get everything and where
    Is pretty awesome

  11. hey I love the guns you make ….. I can't make the clean because I don't have a glue gun.

  12. Please make a mosin nagant

  13. Make a AK-47

  14. Magicalamazing is a sausage 8)

  15. are we ever gonna see that 1911 we voted for

  16. Do you have a how to on bolts like for bolt action sniper rifles I just want to make one so bad

  17. do a how to on the m249 saw plz

  18. I use a small straw for something like this, it works perfectly fine on my Remington M1858 new army 😀

  19. Magical Amazing how do you make your guns look so clean and detailed

  20. can you make an ak47 ?

  21. make a scar l or an ak 47 that's what I'm working on I made a scar l all ready and next I'm gonna make a acr

  22. gosto muito dos seus videos

  23. You should make something else other than guns like a small combination safe that would be cool to see

  24. do a how to on the e m249 saw

  25. Can u make scattergun.from tf2

  26. imagine magical amazing rolling a joint XD

  27. Thanks for this video, I've looked for hours and all I could find was an origami hinge

  28. cool! really helpful

  29. try making some revolver

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