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Tokyo Desktop – Make Windows Look Better

After I saw this beautiful wallpaper on reddit I decided to make a video about it, enjoy!

➜ Wallpaper:
➜ Rainmeter:
➜ Fountain of Colors:
➜ Layer1:
➜ LIM!T:
➜ TranslucentTaskbar:
➜ HoneyComb:

➜ Fantasy by Del…

40 Comments on Tokyo Desktop – Make Windows Look Better

  1. Thank you guys for 500k views! Please subscribe since that helps me a lot.

    NOTE: I made a mistake in the end of the video. Don't TICK Click through on Honeycomb icons because you won't be able to launch applications from them. Sorry!

  2. clock isn't showing

  3. my fountain color won't show up on my desktop help me please thanks 🙂

  4. why the fountain of color suddenly stop sometimes ??

  5. layer1 covers up my icons, cant change it so its behind them
    pls help

  6. how to remove or reduce lag in fountain of color ??

  7. Anybody know how to make this work on both monitors?

  8. Does this drop FPS when you're playing a game?

  9. i cant move the skin

  10. how do i keep my laptop running fast

  11. How can i make mine to run like this? 🙁

  12. i dont know how to change size of The Clock

  13. Well I need a powerful laptop to do this.

  14. HELP ME PLS! thx for the background! (btw, my background was ok when I did nothing. But when I start doing your stuff, the background of the city was longer than when I do nothing) HELP!

  15. Yeah did everything my PC got 5 times slower thx a lot

  16. how do i make the skins un dragable i don't understand.

  17. How to make your windows look better and fuck your RAM! (And maybe your processor)

  18. fountain of colors lag when using windows player but when using youtube it is smooth

  19. cant see the soundwave thing

  20. This skin will work on my Windows 7 64BIT AMDa8 7650K 4GB RAM with no lag?

  21. When I download Honeycomb, it's don't open the installer, he propose me to open it with windows store…. and it's doesn't work…. Someone have a solution pls ???

  22. Great work but how to delete it ?

  23. i still can't see the music bar :–( i've loaded-unloaded everything except for the honeycomb but still doesn't work. idk what to do anymore. could it be due to an internal problem unrelated to rainmeter?

  24. I can't get the layer1.ini folder to appear in rainmeter manager so i can't load it

  25. Cool man just ur tutorials


  27. lo-fi requires to effort to make, change my mind

  28. lookssssssssssssssssssssss so goodddddddddddddddddddddddd

  29. Make pls more like this

  30. bottom right corner NO BATTERY DETECTED hmm

  31. Don't know if you still reply but something's wrong with my layer1, the other wallpaper stays, so instead of a 3d look i get this double wallpaper.

  32. how to slow your pc

  33. Me : Help I Wanna Customize Ma Background
    You : Check Out This Video !
    Me : Awesome! , Thanks!

  34. Error while installing 'honeycomb' "skin path not found"

  35. The VisualizerSkin didnt work for me sadly

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