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Top 10 – Coolest Google Chrome Tips And Tricks

This video show you, Top 10 Coolest Google chrome tips and tricks, to increase your productivity. This video is also recommend for those who want to know more about chrome browser’s ability and hidden features.

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24 Comments on Top 10 – Coolest Google Chrome Tips And Tricks

  1. Wow. What a great Video!!! You should slice/highlight the important points and snippets with Threelly SmartView Chrome extension – it’s Free to use: After you slice, it's really easy to share the short snippets on social media.

  2. the ONLY tip you need, is don't use Chrome, use a god browser instead like firefox

  3. Just go to google and type: gamesecrx guide You will get the only one 100% working secret completely FREE for the game.

  4. Coolest Google Chrome Tips And Tricks to increase your productivity!

  5. Chrome are without doubt doing the most innovative stuff on the web these days, in large web literacy war.  Great and important work!

  6. very useful information…

  7. I've never been so glad there are subtitles

  8. Very helpful video thanks..

  9. I got a lot from it, thank you…!

  10. Very nice video bro.
    And it's very informative too.

  11. learned a lot from this channel. More please! 🙂

  12. Weiß jmd. wie man dieses: "Erneute Übermittlung des Formulars bestätigen". Wegmachen kann. Voll die Kindersicherung.

  13. his grammar is killing me

  14. Rafi chetta awesome video

  15. +Geeks Tutorial what is the intro song? great video!

  16. love your videos!! started my channel and i really learn new things from you.

  17. Bro Ee kata english accent engane oppichu? Real sound aano atho Audacity??

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