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Top 10 Tips and Tricks in Battle Bay! | Win more games!

Watch for 10 Battle Bay tips and tricks that will help you improve your game and climb to a higher rank!

Important Updates:

As of June 1, 2017, the team with more players alive when the clock runs out will be the winner so tip 2 no longer applies.

Check out my in-depth video on how to aim:

I really hope you all like these tips and tricks. While some of them are very situational, many of them can be implemented in every game you play.

Here are some notes…

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43 Comments on Top 10 Tips and Tricks in Battle Bay! | Win more games!

  1. this video got me from level 2 al the way to level 12, this video helps alot

  2. Aiming ahead is called leading your shots.

  3. bonus meme !!…i mean..BONUS TIP !!!

  4. What action gives you stars?

  5. Nice tips.. i hate draws though, especially 1 on 1. Go big or go home. Muahaha

  6. I made it into masters with a mk 2 fixer. Is that good?

  7. dude u have puer brain wow u should make more of this

  8. just turned mk3 couple weeks ago yippee

  9. What you need to do if you are a sniper?

  10. What is the name of your clan?

  11. I have problems even winning 1 battle. This week i lost 9/10 battles i played… ;(

  12. They patched the draw one ???? I once was playing napalm speeder and i kept blocking off opponents and we drew 4-1 but now you would lose because they changed that ????

  13. Thank you so much GG! 😀 This video playlist is a godsend for noobs like me.

  14. If the match ends and u have more ships u win not draw

  15. I used the draw tip and it was 5v1 and it ended a draw

  16. i won a one on five because I used the sunk ships

  17. i already do all these, even though i started a week ago. but i just think that is because i play too many games. good vid????

  18. I just spam mines on the cap point.

  19. but in a groups of 3 or more against 1 its better winning by killing or getting out of time than capturing, they say that the best way of winning is killing the other team. why should i prefer then win capturing than trying to kill?

  20. I cant wait to upgrade my shooter to mk6 great video.

  21. All the tips are useful

  22. What weapons should I use to get agressive destroying in enforcer mk2

  23. 1 more tip: When you are trying to kill an enemy, always try to use auto aiming (Lock On). When the oppent moving you can go after him and ry to shoot when he going straight foward.

  24. I can't get passed 200 Infamy with these idiots…

  25. Your outro sounds like​ (bye friend????????) ????????

  26. I've always done these tips and stuff but I always get stuck with useless teammates or higher lvl enemies

  27. Another tip for you!
    dodge the damn mortars, napalm etc. you waste a lot of hp from those little hits

  28. how can I find the uncommon cannon to evolve my cannon?

  29. together

  30. Yeah there's only a draw if it's 1 person vs 1 person, whoever has the most alive will win the match even if the timer runs out

  31. The tip on 1:16 doesn't work anymore on the latest update they changed it so that after the timer runs out the team with the most ships left alive wins

  32. Really good vid. You can be big????. Liked

  33. I SUBED

    and number 2 was great i never tought of that.

  34. Other tips: 1)In the battle, always FOLLOW the leader (DPS) to kill more easily. 2) Fixers need to be BEHIND teammates not in front of everyone and They must favor LEADERS or those who have a better DPS than noobs. 3) Kill fuckin FIXERS early in the game. 4)If you're a speeder, don't be too remarkable. Attack when the enemy is ALONE and DISTRACTED by your teammates. If you want to attack 2 enemies at the same time, combine the tesla bolt and tesla shield but you need powerful weapons. BONUS: Speeders should never use mortars, mines (no offense to Masi) or the equivalent cuz These are SHIT!!! 🙂

  35. those are very good tips!

  36. Take note that draws do not happen like that anymore; the team with the most ships alive wins the battle.

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