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TOP 10 Tips for Smartphone CAMERA + Android & iOS

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In this video I give you guys Tips and Tricks to Take Better Pictures with your smartphone camera, for both Android/iOS phones.

List of Tips & Tricks on How to take Good Pictures with your Android/iPhone Camera :

1. Use your feet

2. Crop don’t zoom

3. Edit and filter
Cymera or Snapseed (Android)
Snapseed or FX Studio Pro (iOS)

4. The Blurr Effect
* AfterFocus (Android)
* Big Lens (iOS)

5. …

19 Comments on TOP 10 Tips for Smartphone CAMERA + Android & iOS

  1. I now see why u only have 55000 subscribers BC you act stupid

  2. thank you
    your videos are really helpfull

  3. I don't think thats how rule of thirds works bro

  4. where is the fucking iOS

  5. PixelMaster is better than Focal.. 'nuff said…

  6. You got the number 8 all upside-down! You (the photographer) should have the light behind you, not in the front. It's the object(/person) that should face the light!

  7. wtf tips are that? For 5 year olds?

  8. I don't get why cropping 'retains quality'. Isn't digitally zooming the same as cropping a picture, but enhancing it with software?
    And why does his phone take pictures bigger than his screen displays?
    EDIT: I thought only 6 was good tip, specific to phone cameras (and maybe 10). He blatantly ignores tip 8 himself with that watch.

  9. Only Retards use another Photo-App than Androids Stock app… its the best!

  10. What the heck is wrong with talking that way?
    I dunno if your trying to sound cool or whatever, but it sure is annoying as hell.

  11. is camera 360 great? i have a phone with 3mp cam and i took the photo o the effect easy camera and it took it  like i have 50 mp it haves super effects and options i had camera fx and all modes but it dident liek me 😛 but with camera 360 it did the pics so perfect

  12. Thanks all these tips were very helpful. :)

  13. Holding breath has nothing to do with shaky hands. Lol awesome video BTW.

  14. By cropping or zooming you are still losing pixels than you cannot afford to lose on a small 5MP camera. By standing closer you get the same results without losing any pixels. A smartphone only has an optical zoom (and not a real zoom) which is the same as cropping.

  15. I recomend Camera MX

  16. can you tell me how you made those i cons transparent and i have action launcher 1.8.8 i dont know how to delet pages in it

  17. you indeed a tech geek …becoming a fan of you ..thanks

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