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Top 10 Windows Tricks – Everyday Simple Tools – HD

These are the the top 10 things I use every day to increase my workflow. I take them for granted but you may not. Windows 10 has a bunch of cool tricks you may not know about. Windows 10 tricks are easy for anybody.

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  1. This dude is a total fake. He's not an expert at anything. Every time he learns something simple, he puts up a video acting like he's an expert. Just listen to him talk, he struggles to make up shit as he goes along.

  2. windows key + left, right directional keys to snap window to the side, up key to maximise window, down keyboard to minimise, while holding win key

  3. I use split screen on my MacBook Pro.

  4. Welcome to the year 2000 ill be your guide

  5. Good stuff, thanks.

  6. Some of these aren't even Windows 10 tips…. And for reference, DO NOT RECOMMEND CCLEANER TO ANYONE THAT IS NOT GOOD WITH COMPUTERS. It DOES NOT help your computer in any way, sometimes deleting important files to the Windows Filesystem, and the registery cleaner can be dangerous and inaccurate. I have used CCleaner before with no problems but that is because I disabled the registery cleaner and a few other stuff in it. But nobody needs CCleaner as most of the cleaning options are already available inside Windows. And the registery is NOT large at all. There will barely be an affect on your computer of how big your registery is, because of how small in size the registery is altogether.

  7. Windows 10 screen controls I use all the time:
    If you want to find a window lost in clutter or create a new desktop hit [Windows Key] + [Tab].
    If you have multiple desktops [Ctrl]+[Windows Key]+[Left Arrow/Right Arrow] to switch desktops.
    Split the screen with a focused window [Windows Key] + [Left Arrow for left screen / Right Arrow for right screen]
    [Windows Key] + [Up Arrow] to maximize window
    [Windows Key] + [Down Arrow] to minimize the window

  8. just a suggestion you were talking about using some intensive tasks, One thing that I do constantly especially with those types of programs is to check your CPU and GPU temperatures because you really should not have crashes. A well-maintained machine does not have random system crashes, program crashes yes but there is a bigger problem if you have a full system crash,.

  9. "quit doing videos after drinking" not sure if I should be laughing haha

  10. windows key push left or right on the arrow key will also get the window your on to go to the left or the right

  11. 8:43 If you want task manager you can also use: Ctrl + Shift + Esc, Commando Designs

  12. My tips:
    Open the last tab you closed: ctrl+shift+t (works in most browsers)
    Open the last window you closed: ctrl+shift+n
    Paste without formatting: ctrl+shift (or alt)+v

  13. LOL!!! love your quit doing videos after drinking I HEAR YA BRUVA!!!!! 🙂

  14. You say that ctrl+alt+del is easiest way to get to task manager, try doing ctrl+shift+esc to go straight into it 🙂

  15. yo dope video thanks for the tips

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