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Top 25 iOS 9 Features, Tips and Tricks – iPhone, iPod, iPad

Top 25 iOS 9 Features, Tips and Tricks – iPhone, iPod, iPad

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19 Comments on Top 25 iOS 9 Features, Tips and Tricks – iPhone, iPod, iPad

  1. Congrats. You just listed 22 features that are already on my phone. It came out in November of 2013.

  2. I can't get proactive search, Siri suggestions, two finger keyboard gestures and drawing in notes. Have an iPhone 4S

  3. Heaps of geese thing have been there for a long time…

  4. I regret updating to iOS 9. I had 8.4 jailbreak and I had an amazing set-up, I don't know why I updated. It's laggy on my iPhone 6 Plus.

    rly aple

  5. Hey umm how come I don't have the news app????

  6. think although the update lacks speed on the iphone 4s, with all the extra features ios 9 has i think i will update anyways

  7. IOS 8.3 w/jailbreak FOREVER!

  8. All these people saying its laggy and jailbreak is better jailbreak is a pain in the ass. Random crashing and lagginess. Yeah it's cool and all but I just unjailbroke my phone because I could only listen to music in airplane mode even after uninstalled all my tweaks. I get iOS 9 is laggy but just wait for the next update don't jailbreak

  9. 2nd one isn't a feature

  10. How did you put contact photos in messages?

  11. I have a iPod touch fifth-generation iOS 9 does not work on my iPod touch it's junk 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(

  12. i hope on ios 9.1 they allow us to delete apps we don't really need like stocks, tips, health etc.

  13. The Quick Reply is on 8.3!!!!!

  14. So i should stay on ios 8.4 than update to ios 9?

  15. Why doesn't iPod 6 have low power mode

  16. I have an old iPod touch 5g that's not jailbroken should I update to iOS 9 or wait until they fix bugs?

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