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Top 5 Free Windows Apps You Should Be Using! (2017)

These are the best free apps for Windows in 2017! Update: OBS apparently does support multi-stream. I’m just dumb =)
XPS 15 –

Free Apps:
Avast –
Ditto –
F.Lux –
IObit Uninstaller –
Notepad++ –

More Free Apps:
Discord –
HitFilm -…

20 Comments on Top 5 Free Windows Apps You Should Be Using! (2017)

  1. OBS supports Multi stream =) My bad

  2. f.lix is hansome i like it

  3. Try Quickview, it can let you quickly preview any files by tapping space bar, just like what you can do on MacOS finder.

  4. wish I'd heard from you about ccleaner sooner…

  5. why do you format your computer often

  6. Microsoft watched this video and implemented clipboard history and nightmode

  7. Windows 10 Night Light does what you describe F.Flux does.

  8. perche parli in inglese se e un canale italiano?

  9. Learned about Davinci Resolve, thanks Dave. It's 2019.

  10. Ditto is now obsolete because it is already built-in in Windows 10.

  11. Vs code vs pycharm ?

  12. I did use notepad++ for a long time but i switched to visual studio code recently and i can recommend it.

  13. my eyes thanks me for f.lux

  14. i knew all these apps.

  15. Can anyone recommend to me an app for Windows similar to MacOS Preview? No one does it better than Preview, it's so simple and complete, for fast image editing, adding highlights, some text, cropping, format conversion, or for viewing and editing PDFs.

  16. Gayest video regarding Windows apps.

  17. If you want to use your computer for visual arts, GIMP is really terrible. It may be worth using for photo manipulation, but it's UI is really clunky and so many features are buried in the menus and toolbars. If you want to create something, Use Krita, also free, which is an easy jump-in for most artists. A bit of a learning curve for Photoshop users, but it's an excellent tool for zero cost.

  18. thanks bro. very useful

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