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Top 5 Google Chrome Tips and Tricks 2014

My top 5 Chrome extensions:



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20 Comments on Top 5 Google Chrome Tips and Tricks 2014

  1. Great video!!!! the dissemination of the content was done seamlessly ….. concise and vivid….great job…keep up the good work.

  2. Nice tips, this will give me an idea on training videos. :)

  3. at 3:41 cant u just right click the tab and pin it so whenever you open chrome it will open your tab as well????

  4. Low volume wtf?

  5. Where is fucking Voice Plug in in Fucking Shit Chrome? Google & Youtube are a Real Shit NOW days

  6. thanks i have google chrome i am leartning how to use it

  7. Did u use windows 10?

  8. i was the 60.000 subscriber!

  9. what is the name of the software you recorded this episode with ?

  10. fluffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 

  11. hi how take away highight off gooole chrome  ever time go google chrome on there allways on that how to remove it can t see through colour higight

  12. 6:54 That "gold" icon is actually google's beta previews of chrome, named Canary. Lots of updates! Recommend it.

  13. when i go on change icon it comes up saying   %ProgramFiles%GoogleChromeApplicationChrome.exe. could not be found PLZZ HELP

  14. Hey hacker0007 just wondering how did you make your intro?

  15. I was already doing that bookmark thing, it works wonders!

  16. hey tell me how to use cmd on windows 7 because whenever i open it it comes   that the command is not recoganised!!!

  17. can you make a video that shows how to make your desktop look nice because your desktop always looks nice

  18. Is that wallpaper 1440p? if so, please give me a link!

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