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Top 7 Tips to Help You Win in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Here are some handy tips for the newer players out there that’ll help you win your races.
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44 Comments on Top 7 Tips to Help You Win in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

  1. Tip #8 if you're falling behind, driving behind the next person ahead of you will give you gradual speed boost. You will see a wind barrier going around you if you're close enough to the next racer and you will eventually go fast enough to pass them. This is best used if you plan ahead and do it in a straight lane, but if you're skilled you can easily pass anybody if you manage to drift parallel to them in turns. This is called a slipstream.

  2. Don't trick on every ramp

  3. These tips are useless

  4. The reason why I have all the karts and bikes is not because I'm good but the system filched out

  5. I know al these tips am i now an pro?

  6. I call what you call the music box 'my Hi-Fi stereo Sound System' with great music

  7. I new most of these but the item shield is helpful!
    Now I can finally defeat my dad….

  8. 2019 also there 5 weight class
    Feather:Toad,Koopa,Shy Guy,Lakitu,Toadette, all babys and Dry Bones
    Light:Lemmy,Villigers,Issabel and Mii (Light)
    Medium:Mario,Luigi,Peach,Daisy,Rosalina,Yoshi,Tanooki Mario,Cat Peach,Waluigi,Bowser.Jr,Wendy,Larry,Iggy,Inklings,Link and Mii (Medium)
    Cruiser:King Boo,Wario,DK,Dry Bowser,Ludwig Von,Morton,Roy
    Heavy:Bowser,Metal/Gold Mario Pink Gold Peach and Mii (Heavy)
    yall welcome 😉 and im still addicted to Mario if u dont see that going back

  9. Wow thanks what it did was get in last and try to get something good and get first but I get second or third

  10. I do have a switch and I do these tips I have more than a 870 coins!

  11. I play a lot of mario kart, and I did know all the thing that were said in this video. I still think this is a very helpful guide for people who are new to the game. I do want to say that not all bikes drift differently than karts, as Arekkz said when talking about karts and bikes. Some bikes have inside drift, these drive very differently, and make much sharper turns. But some bikes have outside drift, which may not be exactly the same as karts, but is very similar.

  12. You forgot drafting.

  13. I've only just started, so thanks. What I'm finding hard is transitioning from 100cc to 150cc and that cloud rainbow map. I keep falling off the edge and hitting walls. Do you need to break? Or is it just earlier drifting?

  14. Why drift when I can just drive full speed 90% of the time ? Also why on a straight road ? This game is just bad.

  15. On the jump boosts, you can just shake your joycon to do the boost. Same on the wii.

  16. I knew pretty much all of this and I still sometimes wonder why some people magically have faster karts than me…

  17. I already knew number one I figured it out once and yesterday my brother finally realized how I did it lol ????

  18. Tip #8 you may suffer… a lot…

  19. “ 7 tips to help you win “ beginning of the video: wastes green shell and banana then gets hit by red shell. Me: facepalm

  20. 9:11 it depends on the character

  21. 7:58 you can just jump boost that

  22. #4 there are 9 categories of characters, 9 categories of karts/bikes, 7 categories of wheels, and 2 categories of gliders.

  23. For #1, if you start immediately after the 2, you'll get a boost that lasts to the starting line

  24. Karts also affect your drift and driftboost.

  25. No joke only reason I'm here is bc my teacher brought a switch to class

  26. I'm just here to send this to my friend Kandy. She made a mistake and challenged me. Tsk tsk

  27. Our school is having a tournament so I'm hoping this helps

  28. i need some help. i love mario kart but the thing is whenever i fly and i always fall and am never able to stay in the air so i need to know how to stay in the air sksksksk sounds stupid but i rlly can’t

  29. Im watching this because i bought this game and Nintendo switch in a 2 or 3 weeks it will come im excited

  30. How about item good or bad so if you behind get better item from 6th- 12th place, if you 1st-5th get nomal item. The item system

  31. The sparks are blue, orange, and purple.

  32. I have a hard time thinking MK7 and MK8 are competitive at all…

  33. 5 out of 7 of these are Mario Kart staples, that almost everyone knows to do, 1 of them (Collecting Coins) is most likely instinct in a Mario game, and the 8th tip you put in the pinned comment is just a basic as those other 5 in the Video. The only one I consider somewhat good is briefly mentioning the advantages and disadvantages from Lightweight and Heavyweight characters, before devoting half the point to kart customization, which has affected stats since at least Wii. The video would be better suited being called 7 Tips to help you in Mario Kart, but I suppose coins are only in Super Mario Kart and the newer titles. But all the content in this video can be found in the Help section that is in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so I don't understand the point of making this video if it's not going to give anything you can't find in the game's Help section.

  34. wow actually helpful.. didnt know half of these

  35. I need a full minute of introduction as much as you need my dislike

  36. Just race inside the track

  37. For tip #1,
    I find it’s pretty easy to mess up by holding down immediately at 2…
    What works best for me is holding down just right after 2 shows up

  38. Awesome channel bro!!

  39. I was playing this game for the very first time, and had little to no experience in Mario Kart. Because of your tips and tricks, and the shortcuts video you also made, I was able to beat my family and cpu's in the game, even in one round of 150cc mirror. Keep up the amazing tips and tricks.

  40. Here's a tip
    speed is useless


  42. These ar all super basic tips you would learn if your first couple of matches anyway, this should be called basic tutorial

  43. Thanks for this. I asked for MK8D for christmas along with a Switch and BotW instead of Mario Odyssey for the sake of playing with my little brother on the switch. Personally for me a lack of depth and this game seeming like more of a party game you play with a bunch of friends made this game not seem worth the money, but seeing this amount of depth in a seemingly simple game will soften the blow a little.

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