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Toshiba Satellite Tutorial – Windows 8 Downgrade/No Bios/No CD Drive/CSM – UEFI

Toshiba Satellite Tutorial:

This is a specific issue regarding new Toshiba laptops.

downgrading windows 8 to windows 7
Booting to BIOS / Can’t boot to BIOS
Not booting to CD drive / CD drive not in BIOS
CSM – UEFI Boot mode

List of Satellite models
 Toshiba Satellite Pro A200
 Toshiba Satellite Pro A210
 Toshiba Satellite Pro A305
 Toshiba Satellite Pro A300
 Toshiba Satellite Pro A500
 Toshiba Satellite Pro C650
 Toshiba Satellite Pro C660
 Toshiba Satellite Pro…

20 Comments on Toshiba Satellite Tutorial – Windows 8 Downgrade/No Bios/No CD Drive/CSM – UEFI

  1. Thankx that was very helpful

  2. Do you have to buy them again

  3. Yayyyyy for F12 on a C850D. Thanks, VRP, you done saved my life! :-)

  4. Thanks for your video, it helped a lot!

  5. it was very helpfull
    thank very very much

  6. it's work on toshiba l50-b
    thx u… :D

  7. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!111 Took me FOREVER … Yet again people like you majorly save the day !

  8. Thank you works perfectly !!!!!! great tip

  9. como ingreso a la bios de un toshiba c45-asp4206fl

  10. tell me what i can do when i got 1.0 bios version, dont have seciurity boot. I got CSM boot, and still cant boot cuz when i put usb on frist, got error "missing bootmgr" hmm ?

  11. I have looked every where in bios and there is no secure boot or system config I have a Toshiba satellite l500-1td

  12. Its really working. Thanks for the video.

  13. you saved me man! go a brain new Toshiba Satellite L50 b > it worcked perfectly
    Luv ya!

  14. Thank you! That really helped! :)

  15. Thank you very much perfect solution

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