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Trampoline Tricks 2013

Our biggest project so far is now done!
We have worked really hard with this video just for you guys! So please SHARE, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!
Thanks for watching!

** Try to find the duck in this video! ( mascot) **

Nikon D3100 & Samsung HMX-H300

Editing software: Sony Vegas Pro 11

Music: Timeflies – Glad You Came

Trampolines we use:
Champion 4.3
Champion tattoo 4.3 (paket)
North Trampoline 5.1

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20 Comments on Trampoline Tricks 2013

  1. nice video cool tricks

  2. this was easy for me XD

  3. hur filmar ni så ni är gryma

  4. i think the 255 people who disliked, dont know what a trampoline is.

  5. Nice song. All is good

  6. What is the second song

  7. What is the song name

  8. what did you edit with??

  9. Nice att ni kommer från svergie

  10. Check or Channel Ext3rmeTeam TV Totolflipprs

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