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Tutorial #1 : Building Windows/ Windows Phone 8.1 Apps for beginners- HelloWorld

In this video you’ll learn how to make your first windows phone 8.1 app using the Microsoft Visual Studio!
Feel free to comment below for queries.

20 Comments on Tutorial #1 : Building Windows/ Windows Phone 8.1 Apps for beginners- HelloWorld

  1. Please don't use this fake accent. Otherwise your Tutorial is very good.

  2. Thanks a lot sir…

  3. Can we play video games, i mean install and play game on windows store by emuling windows mobile 10 ?

  4. what language did you use?

  5. Facebook app dalo tizen store me

  6. I tried it on Visual studio 2015 and I did everything like u did but every time I run it it says it got deployment errors and when I try to deploy it it says it has some kind of a error

  7. i have visual studio 2012 no store apps option please help

  8. I have vs 2012 Ultimate but it doesnt have the store apps option

  9. ,,,,hi friends
    how to solve problem not display design xaml windows phone 8.1
    2013 how to fix 0x80073cf9 in windows fhone 8.1 visual studio

  10. How download extension for WF? because I don't have something for create projects for windows phone

  11. hey Ashish were trying to fake the accent!!

  12. Awesome tutorial how can i use the camera capabilities.

  13. what would be the difference in C++?

  14. This application is completely useless

  15. hi can we install win7 app to windows 8 mobile (for ex: android 4.2 app supports to android 5.0 )

  16. thanks for this info i am new to Visual Studio this helped me understand some of the things you can do. thanks

  17. Where are you from ?

  18. Clear and easy to understand tutorial! Voice volume is low.

  19. hey im using Microsoft VS express 2013 for windows ,im getting mainpage.xaml.vb
    but u did the coding in .cs, when I did all the coding as what u did in .cs I'm getting errors. please suggest me how to do bcz I'm new to this

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