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Tutorial : Clean Install Windows 8 from Partition in Hard disk drive

If your old Os Windows 7 You can:
After copy file into your computer
Step 1: Restart.
Step 2: Press F8 for “Advanced Boot Options” menu.
Step 3: Choose “Repair Your Computer”
Step 4: “System Recovery Options” menu. Choose “Command Prompt”
Step 5: Start at 1:34 in this video.

20 Comments on Tutorial : Clean Install Windows 8 from Partition in Hard disk drive

  1. in safe mode i open cmd and entered the command and it was ok

  2. when i enter cd windows 8 it says path not find i rechecked but folder name is same please guide me thankyou

  3. Can it work with Windows 10? 

  4. hey can i do a clean install windows 7

  5. i can't install he told me "cannot find the patch …" how to fix this problem ?

  6. @Геннадий Палыч you have to have a means to install it. That is why you need an existing os to make the partition and then copy the DVD ISO to it.

  7. How can I procced if i am doing this on Windows XP?

  8. How do I proceed if Im installing it through Windows 7?

  9. Well the video shows installing windows 8 on windows 8. I have windows 7 32bit and i wanna install windows 8 64 bit. Can i follow the same procedure?

  10. Wrong title, wrong instructions. It IS NOT a clean install, but install from EXISTING WINDOWS installation. FFFUUU. 

    What I expect to see: how to install windows having raw bootable partition written using .ISO file. 

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  12. i didnt..isnt worked cuz my instalation wasnt good..downloaded other instalation worked greatee …thankss alot… u da maann

  13. the subsystem needed to support the image type is not present'''' after i typed setup that massage came…help

  14. I Have A Problem When I Type Cd Windows 8 It Doesnt Open please help

  15. The perfect tutorial !! well done my friend.. thank you

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