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28 Comments on Tutorial: How to set up CyberGhost VPN for Windows


  2. thanks bro this video is tooooo much help full for me

  3. I found out that, you can't turn on, cyberghost
    ghost vpn when you, only have, service on

  4. Rip Netflix, they blocked proxy!

  5. Yo, why cant i delete this shitty program, it's like a cockroach on my pc.

  6. i think, i, will switch to cyberghost vpn

  7. The title lied, this video was not a how to setup video. It was an advertisement.

  8. Romania ❤️

  9. One of d best vpn currently available

  10. i cant conect CyberGhost block , how to change host

  11. Can you hook this vpn up to a gaming console ?

  12. I got cyberghost and upgraded to premium but now it says that it cant connect to the internet but it has worked fine b4

  13. my uTorrent is not working and there is no servers for torrenting anonymously. what to do?

  14. how can i cheack my ip

  15. hey, i'd like to have an hbo now account, but its not avaliable in my location. can i have access to it with the free version?

  16. Dear friends, I am leaving in Ireland and I have a regular season ticket for sky Italy and I would watch it by skygo. I tried to use your service, but it does not work. Did I set something in the setting area or do you fink to concentrate my attention in the firewall?

    KR, Simone

  17. Port forwarding?

  18. I can crack that software, so i can use that premium software withuot paid, hahahaah

  19. I like to download games a lot on the web. Which should I use to avoid a nasty letter from my internet provider?

  20. Для России и Северной Кореи нужный сервис.

  21. I had some info regarding this VPN that it changes our IP address every minute, I have this VPN installed, but the IP address that it offers is static, it doesn't change on regular basis, may I know what's the problem in it?

  22. Games can not connect to their servers. What am I doing wrong?

  23. does this prevent against things that look for hacks, or in other words, protect games from detecting hacks

  24. Been looking for something cheap to browse freely and this works brilliantly! and my net speed has suddenly jumped from average to fast! nice one 🙂

  25. I use CyberGhost all the time for privacy and the like. However, I must admit, I do not fully understand the differences between the services. I always tend to use the last option and turn on all the optional features.

  26. You guys are da best, stay awesome.

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