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[Tutorial] If Windows won’t sleep/stay asleep…

This video is for anyone who has a computer with a sleeping problem xD

powercfg -devicequery wake_armed

If your computer does not go to sleep mode after inactivity this video is for you.

If your computer wakes up after you put it to sleep this video is for you.

Hope this helps out.
Please like if this helped you and comment what you like, didn’t like or what you didn’t understand. All comments are…

28 Comments on [Tutorial] If Windows won’t sleep/stay asleep…

  1. I'm so glad this tutorial has been very helpful to all of you. I actually had to re watch my own video because after 1 year my computer started doing it again. It really is an awesome tutorial. By the way.. i was with a runny nose the day i recorded this which is why i sound a little funny.

  2. blow your fucking nose. that's disgusting to listen too.

  3. Thank you sooo much. I was blessed to find this video after looking at a web page where they were never able to help the guy w/questions. What I found out happened after watching your video was that the new mouse I'd just installed was waking my computer up. Tried your tutorial and it still happened so I restarted my computer and 'Voila' no more awake problems. I only clicked the mouse in your options though because I knew I'd just installed that. Thanks again

  4. Thanks for the video. I haven't tested as I just watched the video. But my ethernet controller was in the device list. So something from the internet was waking my machine. Now I need to run a deep scan. But I have been stumbling on this problem for awhile. Thanks again.

  5. Awesome, worked for me, thanks a bunch ! ! !

  6. Sees title


  7. Hope you get/got better

  8. This didn't work for me, but I finally found a solution, so I thought I should leave a comment in case someone else is going crazy (like I was). Follow the steps until 1:05, but expand the "Sleep" option on the list instead. Then expand the "Allow wake timers" and choose Disable. This is the only thing that worked for me.

  9. Thanks. That actually worked.

  10. Thanks so much, my mac mini with win 10 just would not sleep, now it does !

  11. L3SAN360 Has anyone tried cleaning the PC's CPU, both inside & outside? That might be the problem. Sometimes, my Desktop's CPU fan rans loudly when turned on and/or in use, and that prevents the pc from falling asleep at the scheduled time, and the only way for the PC to sleep is to trigger Sleep manually. I also noticed that the interior of my CPU has lots of dust. I use a shot vac to clean the exterior of CPU unit, especially in the area where the fan runs loudly (in this case, the lowset fan on the back of the CPU. It doesn't clean the majoirty of the interior (as I don't want to do any harm nor take the CPU apart), but somehow, it stops the problem… at least for a good month or two. It could be that the fans (& maybe the rest of the CPU) caught too much dust & other dirty substance and hasn't been cleaned for some time, causing the CPU to run its fan loudly to work hard, preventing it from fallig asleep.

    If your PC is running its fan loudly and that prevents it from sleeping, then clean your CPU unit with a shot vac or some other vacuum device & vaccum the area where the fan runs loudly (but be careful that it's not to powerful), or most reccommended, clean the entire CPU both inside and out. But make sure to refer to tutorial videos on how to clean your CPU unit without causing any problems in the process.

  12. Hell yeah, thanks for the video dude.

  13. All I have to say is "I WISH I WOULD HAVE WATCHED THIS FIRST!"


  14. Seems to work for Hibernation too. Thank You

  15. Thank you very much, Finally a video that helped me fix this problem.

  16. Thank you I have been trying to solve this problem for weeks it was easy to follow and has done the trick

  17. 05/28/2018 … And WindowsUpdate keeps on breaking the sleeps modes. Many thanks again to you help (the Best I think !)… Solved in 5 minutes !

  18. thanks you tutorial is god 😀

  19. I have never commented on a YouTube video before but I feel compelled to on yours. After trying a dozen or so other methods that didn't work (including Microsoft tech support) and wasting some hours of my life, it was refreshing to try your method that works. It works perfectly and is easy to configure. Thank you for making this available. 2 thumbs up!!

  20. Thanks! It was media sharing that did it.

  21. Thanks for the video, it was very helpful.

  22. Many many thanks for your suggestion.

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