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43 Comments on Tutorial – Learn How To Use Microsoft Paint The Right Way

  1. And then you, umm… umm… umm…
    Sry no hate its just annoying

  2. lol

    Laugh as much as you want, but there are (obviously, simple) things for which MS Paint is a lot more userfriendly than The GIMP (which I have/use in Linux and on my Mac).


  3. Man you sound wasted, not the best best editor by far but.. using it properly to its extent is something most who don't like it aren't aware of.

  4. 40 seconds into this video I thought it was a legit tutorial…and I was thinking to myself,"does this guy really exist?" then i read the comments and went to the channel. holy god you are funny. i was just trying to figure out how to reflect a curved line hahahahaha

  5. I am actually using Paint and I want to actually know how to put a background with google images and making it go behind the Painting.

  6. I amu usskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. "Ahhaahaha Sorry I Laugh cuz Um, my cat Bit my-my toe and it didn't hurt just tickled my toe, and I have kitty that does things like that and um but anyway I'm sorry its really not relevant to this tutorial." XD Got my Subscription

  8. You said layers are an excuse for lazy art? YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only use microsoft for cartoon drawings but adobe photoshop has very realistic tools, a lot more brushes and lots more! What if the creators and co creators of adobe photoshop are watching this? (p.s. They will be very disappointed!!!)

  9. at over seven minutes he is saying 'let's get started' for the second time. fucking retard

  10. Weri guud me lern mutch

  11. The fuck are you drunk or something

  12. mine I don't know how to paint when I drag my mouse nothing happens its just stupid

  13. Facepalms at stupidity
    My fucking dogs are smarter than half this comment section.

  14. This whole thing feels like a really bad joke

  15. why would u give a tutorial on how to use all the stuff mostly everyone knows

  16. this will help me drow anime! XD

  17. No one but a few people have realized that this video is a joke .-.

  18. I can't believe my teacher gave this video to us for an actual assignment lmao, I don't think she actually watched it all. Still enjoyed it nonetheless.

  19. nah fam paint tool sai is the best art program

  20. You are just a microsoft kind of guy.

  21. 666 likes…srsly ppl?

  22. Too much dislike

  23. i love this guy cause he made me laugh xd

  24. U high or sth? You literally wasted 5 or so minutes explaining but I cant even quite understand because of those Uhmmmmm and uhhhhh of yours dang it. wasted

  25. wake me when u start

  26. I don't think you know what you are talking about. You do seem like you are on drugs. Please do not state this is better than photoshop when you yourself can not use this program properly. I wanted to learn. I do feel this made me more stupid. Sorry.

  27. Oh, I stoped and ran away!

  28. Could you do a little Less talking and more taching! you have spent 3 minutes and 26 seconds of my time talking about your opinion!????????????

  29. Ummmm Mine Says FILE

  30. did you smoke pot before making this wonderful tutorial buddy?

  31. Best tut i've ever seen.
    PS sucks.
    Gimp sucks.
    Ms Paint is the Best.

  32. This guy oh my god! xDDDD

  33. can you please show me how to use crop? because its not working the way i want it to. i need to learn how to cut off all the unwanted background and leave only the picture.

  34. Does this man ever get to the point

  35. Did you eat paint chips as a kid?

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