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Twenty Minute Tutorial : Installing The New Android SDK on Windows 8

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A quick twenty minute tutorial showing you how to install the new Android SDK on Windows 8. It’s super simple now…just unzip the SDK package, start Eclipse, and you’re up and running! This tutorial walks you through it step by step.

Links used :

Java JDK –
Android SDK –

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20 Comments on Twenty Minute Tutorial : Installing The New Android SDK on Windows 8

  1. I do not have the eclipse executable in the folder! Please make an updated version

  2. i have try several times every time i try to lunch a android sdk manger its say this file can't find, please help me. many thanks

  3. When the adt bundle was being extracted it interrupted and said and error occured: "Path too long" it said….what am i to do now??? :/

  4. Could you PLEASE, PLEASE do a 2014 version of this??? it seems like I'm not the only one that's having problems, especially with Java. My Windows 8.1 Pro won't run it, it says that it isn't compatible. Please. Thank you.

  5. I used the same files in the video however it the eclipse does not start with ADT what m I supposed to do

  6. Followed the exact process but when I run the eclipse it is the basic version of eclispe and not the android development version of the eclipse. So I have no options for running a Virtual Device. I also can't run the sdk manager from outside of eclipse even though its there. 

  7. Can any one share the link For twoohtestbt_v20_androide

  8. I had 2 API options ARM and x86 i just installed ARM ? was that the correct thing to do

  9. everything works fine; besids the sdk manager, when i go to load it; a blankch black box is run then nothing else happens??

  10. hey I followed your procedures and everything well on well until it comes to 12:55. the Android SDK manager didn't show up when I clicked it. How can I fix that?

  11. Same problem as Amy Hanson. Eclipse wont open for some Java virtual machine error. Now what?

  12. eclipse says failed to create the java virtual machine …plz help

  13. You can grab the latest JDK version. It doesn't matter which one.

  14. Many jdk versions need help

  15. can we install sdk in eclipse jee ide

  16. Those three errors are related to the SP YouTube plugin and the Circle Menu plugin. Delete the java files for those two plugins from your src folder, do a Project…Clean, and you'll be all set! That assumes, of course, that you're not using those plugins in your app. If you are, you'll need to contact the developer to resolve the issues.

  17. Hey Mark, I need your expertise again. I sent a video to you. I keep getting 3 errors in problems window.

  18. Thanks. i would have never figured this out without the video.

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