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Ultimate DJI Mavic setup hacks! How to get super-smooth pro-looking drone footage

These simple but incredibly powerful setup changes will instantly make your drone footage look super smooth and ultra professional. From changing the speed of the gimbal to tweaking throttle responses, this quick guide will walk you through the small changes you can make to get amazing results.
I got my Mavic direst from DJI, link here:

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You can download some of the unedited footage (filmed…

44 Comments on Ultimate DJI Mavic setup hacks! How to get super-smooth pro-looking drone footage

  1. Good tut man cheers! 🙂

  2. Kinda useful. But kinda useless as the software and firmware has now been updated quite a bit and the settings and recommendations in this video are hard to follow.

  3. Your footage was a bit dark at the end / over processed I feel but nice smooth video for sure

  4. From a guy that really understands professional footage…this is the best in depth adjusts for truly excellent footage..many thanks…..

  5. Good video however zero hacks provided. More like tips

  6. Before purchasing my Mavic I used to watch your videos 🙂 Its been approx 1yrs I've been flying Mavic Pro 🙂 But will try the settings now

  7. great video. You can get your mavic for a great price hear

  8. Thank you for the tips…

  9. Lovely tones, working in quite difficult light at times.

  10. Some of the shots move as blur to clear in a number of the shots you shown unfortunately, not a sharpe crisp photo 🙁 but I have seen worst

  11. late to the mavic party but cheers anyway good tips

  12. what is this garbage and why does it have half a million views? Title is a lie, the footage is the worst mavic footage on the web. This is trash.

  13. Beautiful, perfect pictures, congratulations! Incredible! Please create a Legend in English for us Brazilians!

  14. I'm an absolute novice with the Mavic Pro, but this video is really helpful. Cheers.

  15. What software do you use to edit

  16. My Mavic Pro Platinum seems to have a mind of its own. Sometimes it will go straight up or down and my hand control won't stop it. What's going on???

  17. no hacks here just common fucks

  18. Thanks for this. Reminds me of 'tweaking' my video cards to get the best gaming experience.

  19. I’m just looking for a setting to get some close up dick pics. This video was a huge help , you should recommend putting prop guards on so your viewers don’t do like I did one day getting an extreme close up.
    ( I almost lost my left nut , and trust me, my right but didn’t get jealous).

  20. DO NOT turn down your sharpening unless you want trees that look like watercolor paintings!

  21. Thanks buddy… ill try these

  22. As stated by others your video looks not so great. This guy right here knows his stuff when it comes to settings.

  23. Thank you for this fabulously helpful presentations

  24. You sound like the guy from headspace app commercials

  25. 100$ for a drone it’s good or no? He have a cameras…thank you to answer me ☺️

  26. thank you, very helpful tips

  27. Really liked the video. It has a very nice vibe to it. Thanks for the settngs and advices. I just bought my mavic alpine white less than a week ago and learned a lot with your video. Overall I am really impressed with my aircraft. By the way, for anyone thinking about gett8ng the mavic pro I really recommend the Alpine white if you like this color. The good news is that it comes with 3 batteries and an extra set of propellers. I am enjoying it like a little child ????

  28. I really like your tips and also how your produced your footage.

  29. looks like a ww2 movie xd

  30. What a shitty title, "…setup hacks!"… this is generic standard setup bullshit, there is not one single "hack" occurring.

  31. thank you. Ive been looking for this. IT covers what needed with out leaving out important steps.

  32. I just want you to know that you are helping people far and wide with these complex settings (complex for a country boy from Texas anyway) Thank You.

  33. Very smooth I might want to try the settings,.. Thanks for sharing,.. The video brightness seems to bit too low though

  34. Have the bitch pull those big titties out and get a couple of shots, but that aside good video!!

  35. Well done! Great settings. Thanks!

  36. Whats happening @ 5.36, 5.39, 5.51 and many other places in the first video clip. The picture seems to be quickly pixalated then corrects?

  37. Thanks for the video. Just got my mavic 2 days a=go and this helped immensely.

  38. Great tutorial and examples!

  39. Great info – Clear a very precise, thanks. Super cool footage and editing.QQ? I noticed that you're shooting 2.7K @24fps. Seen so much pos and negs to every setting. Pity the Mavic doesn't have 4K @60fps So we are left with 4k @25fps…. Would you recommend this?.

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