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Ultrawide Monitor Tips 2.0! Improved Windows Management with DisplayFusion

New tweaks to get the most out of my Ultrawide Monitor for productivity and everyday usage. I’ve tried a bunch of different windows management application but I find DisplayFusion the most simple and easy to use.

My DisplayFusion Settings:

You’ll need the Pro version of DisplayFusion to get the Monitor Split feature but you can try their 30 day free trial to make it works for you before you commit

My Ultrawide…

49 Comments on Ultrawide Monitor Tips 2.0! Improved Windows Management with DisplayFusion

  1. can i use displayfusion for both gaming and work at the same time ?

  2. DisplayFusion is HOT garbage people. I know some power users may accept the compromises, but in 2019 most users just want hassle free intuitive snapping and bug free performance. With DesktopFusion you will be hunting for some crappy icon in the window bar as you won't get the snapping menu for all applications as it doesn't work with most for some reason, windows won't size to what you want or will resize and won't fill up a partition etc. Just not worth it. Unrefined, buggy, messy, cumbersome, over-optioned thing.

    If you are looking for something that is as refined and intuitive as default Windows Aero snapping but for many layouts, this is NOT it. You will lose several hours before you realise that is part of the problem.

  3. What stand are you using?

  4. Great video. I bought an Alienware UW monitor and was shocked that it didn't have any kind of window management software. This fixed the issue.

  5. the way this video rendered in ultra-wide form is so satisfying, watching from my 34 in ultra

  6. $10.84 on steam summer sale.

  7. Is UltraView Desktop Manager the same(!) software like displayfusion?

  8. Good app and good tutorial. Thanks a lot! Very helpful video

  9. Thanks heaps for this video man, now i can appreciate the use of my ultra wide monitor with ease! <3

  10. Hey Bro, can you share your wallpaper, please?

  11. sup mate, im starting to get this right with my own settings, based on your imgur-link. Thanks. But do you know if there is a way to 1. make all windows open the at same location, as the same size, regardless of where you left the last window before you closed it. 2. set a ruel to never open windows on top of eachother, when it is possible?

  12. Don't suppose you could just export your DisplayFusion configuration and post it somewhere could you? 🙂

  13. The ending of the vdeo made my day ("you know what to do…"). Thanks!

  14. Good god all of your videos are gold.

  15. AWESOME ! Thanks

  16. For Mac users, download Bettersnaptool. You're welcome.

  17. Will it work with gaming ?

  18. God I love your videos. This video is exactly what I need. I've been binging your videos all day. Love your content.

  19. I just now set this up and I'm loving it! Thanks, David!

  20. damn i want to see this used for gaming and twitch streaming

  21. can you make a how to setup tutorial please ?? i have some trouble

  22. Can you comfortably read four web pages instead of the usual three you have up

  23. how does one make it so that dragging a maximized window to another monitor does NOT auto snap to maximized? in other words, how to retain the normal functionality of Windows 10 in this regard

  24. Loved the video! currently setting it up for my 38" LG Ultra Wide! … Where did you get your title bar icons?? Seems like those are not the default in DisplayFusion.

  25. "Need to memorize shortcuts" Really? Is everyone getting dement nowadays?

  26. Question, for games that only support 16:9 and refuse to use black bars and instead stretch the display to unholy proportions, can display fusion have the game run in borderless window or fullscreen mode and only take up the 16:9 pixels, leaving the sides for other uses?

  27. Thanks! Thats just about what I was looking for.

  28. Please please partner up with DisplayFusion and get us some discount?

  29. David is there any free alternatives

  30. I need your opinion on this viewsonic vp3881 38

  31. Thanks for this video ????
    I have a little question : Can the Windows magnifier be used (in full screen mode) comfortably with DisplayFusion?

  32. Do you have any ideas if screen recording programs, like Camtasia, can record only the content of only one of the "virtual" windows? Right now I have a 2K monitors for control, and a second physical 1080 monitor for the screen I want to record. It would be much cleaner to have a single ultrawide monitor, I can record only a virtual window.

  33. oh man u r from far one of the best in what u do, im so glad!
    can u help me, have some dificults to set because my display is 2560 x1080
    Congratz from Brazil!

  34. I've had an ultrawide for a couple of years now, can't believe I've operated this long without such a comprehensive window manager! Thank you.

  35. I have a LG 34" ultra wide and an LG 27" UHD monitor. While the LG window management software sort of worked, I was never happy with it. Installed DisplayFusion and 3 days later bought a license. It's amazing once you get all your window locations mapped.

  36. "$30 isn't cheap" It ashamed people don't value the software they use everyday.

  37. Is it possible to play a game and have a video or the twitch chat on the side?

  38. haha only discovered your channel now… I've been on the ultrawide bandwagon for a few years and went through the same process you have.. struggled with windows management until i discovered displayfusion… then last year I actually picked up a small 22" side monitor and kinda forgot about display fusion. But this video has inspired me again. I really like this suggestion, as I love having twitter in a column and hate having to use windows snap feature as it takes too long.

  39. your voice is a little better in this video… it sounds like some complex problem that makes you not like to press your lips and tongue tightly while speaking, as if afraid of breaking it, like a delicate glass wine chablet. A word like "buttons" is pronounce "butt ins" (pardon the pun) instead of "bod ins". Keep going.

  40. Is it possible to watch youtube videos fullscreen without it filling the entire screen but only the dedicated part of the screen?

  41. David, great stuff. After watching your videos on ultrawides it convinced me to pick on up. Coming from a 3-24" setup to a single 34" ultrawide it's a big difference and windows management utility is a must. Playing with DisplayFusion is quite confusing, would love to see a video on how you have yours set up.

  42. Awesome videos!!!
    you can buy BENQ monitor and use their Display Pilot for windows. I think it can work with other monitors as well. It can make partitions on your monitor. Its for free and it covers some features like display fusion
    or samsung has

  43. got a link on that monitor arm?

  44. You only need 3rd party software for screen management on the Dell. The LG ultrawide models have a lot of built in screen splitting options (which is one reason I am considering an LG over the Dell). Hey David – when are you going to do an LG 38'' vs Dell 38'' ultra wide comparison?!

  45. you know..its happy to see this channel grew up..really?110k subs now..haha it was 5k when i subed keep it up bud

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