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Under $150 Budget Gaming 8 Core CPU, Motherboard & 16GB RAM

Can you build a badass gaming rig on the cheap using old server hardware?

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30 Comments on Under $150 Budget Gaming 8 Core CPU, Motherboard & 16GB RAM

  1. yep… is like a quad qore am2+ cpu for 20 bucks… running NOW at 3000 cpu benchmark.. that is bang for bucks..

  2. It's a shame that a GTX 980 here in Brazil costs about U$ 640,00 more than the monthly average salary.

  3. would this be good for 3d graphic design?

  4. You would have tried with the intel s5000psl motherboard instead of that version.

  5. The RAM you showed is a buffered RAM. Your CPU can work with it. You can just use an armored buffered RAM stick and it will work equally.

  6. Bro Pentium (R) 4 processor me konsa graphical install karu

  7. with the price of GPU's the way they are, I'd do this in a heart beat to save money on the overall build out so i could spend more on a GPU, at least I'd end up with a GTX 1060 instead of an AMD RX 560…

  8. man you are grate,i really like ur vedio, please told me motherbord model number

  9. Ipads for a dollar? Id say what a ripoff.

  10. What's the model of motherboard, and what psu cables it needs?

  11. Sir will a xeon x5450 work on my asus p5g41tmlx3 mother board

  12. Found a xeon work station similar to that mobo

    (It was free by the trash)

  13. 150$=9750rupees
    more than some peoples salary

  14. Dude the cores number won't give you more performance

  15. GTX980 is definitely at least 3x the whole value of the PC without it…. Lies

  16. Can it run Crysis?

  17. can you gift this pc to me i really like it

  18. Could I use something like this as a dedicated streaming pc? Where I just use a capture card external or internal to capture from a seperate console or PC?

  19. 5:50 Wow, this aged REALLY badly.

  20. What are the specd of that thing?

  21. Anybody else notice the activate windows message in the thumbnail

  22. Linus, I don't have you know about this before, because, in China, there's team, who made the lag 771 CPU into 775 CPU, which it's mean that you don't have to have a server motherboard, instead a normal P45 mother it's already enough for running XEON Chip, but also , there produce an service , that you can sending an P45 borad to them, they will help you to make the borad into 771 stock.

  23. To those still interested in going this route I will have to advise against the purchase of the Super Micro X7DCA-L Motherboard as its support for GPUs is very minimal. Most cards will outright not work even with the latest bios.

  24. `wtf… that pc is much better then my €900 euro laptop.. which cant stop overheating.

  25. how much faster is this dual professional CPU machine than my single CPU 8700k with 1080sli on maximus x hero? do I need to rethink my arrangement?

  26. 22 MB Cache
    16 Cores
    32 Threads
    X – Extreme performance and mega-tasking, unlocked

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