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Using Camstudio to Screen Record Video Tutorials
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I don’t provide camstudio tech support so see the FAQ. don’t ask me.

Download CamStudio:
Download Lame:
Download Divx:
You can also use xvid

Make sure…

20 Comments on Using Camstudio to Screen Record Video Tutorials

  1. HELP!!!
    on my "video option" i don't have "divX" and "camstudio lossless codec" to make the file smaller. please help.
    where can i download it and how?

  2. are all videos that size?

  3. I was three years old that time. lol 2007

  4. windows 98? iwish I still had that. what an awesome os

  5. how do you make the screen larger

  6. You forgot the step where you have to remove a fuckton of spyware if you install this shit.

  7. Walter White Jr, is that you ?

  8. that 2007 Google though

  9. Which is best Camstudio or Fraps for recording ??
    Can anyone tell me ??


  11. Thanks for the videos 🙂 it work :D

  12. Guys!  I found a WAY better site!  There's this cool screen recorder called "Camtasia"  And It's amazing,   Press a key, and it will pause the video, and much, much more!

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