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Using Flash Player on Windows 8 with Internet Explorer

In this video, Adobe engineer Dave Seropian shows you the issues that can occur with Flash Player and the “modern” (or Metro) mode of Internet Explorer and how to work around them.

45 Comments on Using Flash Player on Windows 8 with Internet Explorer

  1. i just wanna say fuck microsoft and adobe flash…. we need to pay download fuck

  2. Windows Vista & 7 (any version) use too much ram & run slow. Winsows 8 & 10 are faster but have even more spyware preinstalled with them, requiring the "Spybot Anti-Beacon" app or everything you do on your PC gets set to Microsoft.That is a violation of my Constitutional Rights & Microsoft board members should be locked up in prison for spying on us.

  3. Thank you Thank you!!!!!

  4. thanks for explaining!

  5. If you have to do too many steps to get a video to work, let me tell you that your service S.U.C.K.S.

  6. if you can't make it work after this video then you can't freakin' use a computer -.-

  7. sehr langsam nicht zufrieden

  8. I don't have any of those icons on my computer and I hate this windows 8

  9. This doesn't work I cant watch any porno. damnit

  10. i have the same problem, it worked on modern mode but I cant switch back to it…?

  11. that's my fucking problem too :/

  12. I don't have the black toolbox how can I get thad and I have windows 8

  13. What If you are already on Desktop mode???

  14. white list has been changed to a blacklist. much easier on all.

  15. Awesome, Thank You.

  16. Yeah i said "fuck adobe" and installed VLC media player. Took me 2 minutes and working. Kind of a relief after fighting with that fucking adobe shit for like 2 hours with no advancement. Jesus why do they have to make everything so fucking hard these days?

  17. none of my damn videos work wth??? damn

  18. thx for nothing =-=

  19. Im always viewing my internet browser in desktop mode. Windows 8 is horrible

  20. You need adobe flash to view this video

  21. This video is COMPLETELY USELESS!! Thanks for nothing!

  22. pouvez – vous me dire si le fait d'etre abonner a flasf player coute quelque chose ou ces GRATUIS J'AIMERAIS AVOIR UNE REPONSE ASSEZ VITE SVP MERCI.

  23. v-v This didn't help. I'm on a laptop. There no such thing as an application bar ._.

  24. He's working on a touchpad. Did that working at PC too?

  25. There isn't even an application bar..? Smh. Tried for months finding it, it DOESN'T EXIST lol.

  26. view it in windows mode

  27. we don't wanna to play it in desktop mode, wanna it on windows 8, so why we use it?

  28. use the tools icon on the lower right part of the screen to switch to desk top mode aka old school adobe mode on any video with a message telling you to install adobe. It's there but the sites haven't caught up with Windows 8.

  29. It's either mode or mood. Not a mix of the both.

  30. fuck windows 8 fuck flash fuck microsoft and fuck all the world

  31. je trouve que pour avoir flash player ces le bout de la marde ca ne marche jamais je fais toute les etapes et je me retrouve devant rien a tout les coups merci


  33. Fuck whoever created Windows 8, it's total bullshit.

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